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I have to choose among
1. Mktg+ operation
2. Mktg+finance
3. Fin+operations

Pls help how to decide. Apart from my interest, wat r all the skill required.
what is the present requirement in the industy.

pls clarify..
whether the report will be out by 11th or
only by 11th we will whether such a report exists or not??????

Will thr be any 3rd list of waitlisted candidates.. someone pls reply??

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One doubt..
is thr any 3rd list of waitlisted candidates???

Average package is 5.6L Highest is around 9.5L

I got a mail today stating tat I have seat at IMT-N PGDM-Genral
Now I have to pa 2,17,500/- within 18/05/12
my ques is

1. Shd the entire amt be paid or 50,000 is enough for ensuring a seat, bcoz i saw many ppl stating tat they paid an initial amt of 50,000!!

2. If in case I have to withdraw my admission after paying the fees, wat portion of it will be refunded.. some %ages of the paid amt..??

Plsss do reply.. I need help..
Thanks in advance

Hi puys..
My scores
cat 11
OA 80.29
VA 89.9
QA 64
X 86.6
XII 95.6
BE 83, fresher, gen, form TN
Is thr any possibilities for IMT-N
Last date to apply is nearing ..pls help..

My scores
cat 11
OA 80.29

QA 64.07
VA 89.97

X 86.6
XII 95.6
BE 83.4

Fresher, Gen, TN

Any chances of BIM!!


pls give the weightage split up for academic performance, CAT 11, GD etc if thr is anything like it..

is thr any preference for TN students in total intake 20%, 30%..
My details
OA 80.3
QA 64
VA 89

previously i didnt mentioned other details
Fresher, Gen category, TN

Pls specify exactly what chances i hav for NITT DoMS
1.Do not apply
2.Very risky
3.Just risky
4.Cat on the wall

Feel free to say anything, I just need a clear idea..


cat 2011
TN.. General category
OA 80.29
Qnt 60.07
Verb 89.97
Any possiblity for IFMR..?!?
Pls help

Thanks in advance..