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Hi All,

Its difficult to find answers to a few questions, since there are almost 450 pages of replies to go through. So, if anyone can help me out with the below queries, it will be highly appreciated :)

1. How to prepare for the test? I mean CAT level / GMAT level / Bank PO exam level questions? Any pointers to the various sections in the papers, reference books, mock exam specific to this program would be great help.

2. For the October 2012 batch, when will the formalities start?

I must say this is a really useful thread. Keep up the good work!! :clap:

Hi Sanjv,

Please find the response below.

1. Preparation is almost same for all isnt it, basic Quant and verbal with little differences here and there ... also they do ask some PO level diagram questions too....

2. Formalilites should start in June i would say, please keep following this thread ...

P.S Sorry for the delayed response this thread is seeing very less activity as most of us are busy with the document and other formalities ...
Suruchitripathi Says
Guys does anyone have any contact number of guys/gals presently doing this course. If so please do let me know have so much of doubts in head and I think I will be much relaxed after talking to them... Help me out if you know anyone from the current batch.

As already mentioned before there are many current students who are active on this thread so feel free to post your queries. Although i personally feel most of the questions have been answered in this thread already so a careful inspection will address them all. You can also join us on Facebook and interact with current and future sudents and get your answers.
RoderickSpode Says
When the interviewer asked me if i had any questions for him, i asked him about this. And he said that not all the candidates get 15lac pa, your pay will be reasonably influenced by your grades during the course. So if some hapless chap were to flunk most of his subjects during the course, i dont see why ICICI should not show him the door.

Ha ha ... very true but ICICI has ensured a rich intake by a very stringent admission process so dont see a chance of that happening .. Also on the other hand guys with higher experience and better score during the course can actually be offerred a better package.
kitrak85 Says
Hey guys i have been waitlisted aswell...does any1 know the time frame we would have to wait to know if we make the cut beyond the waitlist.

Third college that put me on waiting list this year .. I guess i need to get my GMAT in the 720 range to be considered seriously ...
Hi all,
Anyone started with loan and other doc??

I completed the guarantor and personal affidavit forms rest will do later ...
godspeed87 Says
yup i started filling it today, mostly going to bank tmrw for franking the document

U have to go to a notary to get it franked i guess ....

Got a mail regarding the opening of an ICICI a/c and loan agreements. The loan papers will be sent in a seperate mail.

All the best and happy holi to all.
One request to all who are joining this course. Don't forgot to comeback to this thread for helping coming batch say Oct 2012 batch.

Happy Holi ... yes sure and in any case most puys are just a PM away...

urbangypsy Says
helo Puys....has any one received loan agreement yet???

No one has recieved it yet .... when i spoke to them they said u will start recieving it by saturday or monday.
insanemaverick Says
Can someone please pass on Prof. Shivendra's e-mail ID

Shivendra Mathur>;
998420 Says
I think we all receive same mail at the same time. Prof Mathur has send acknowledgement keeping all of us in To. (Total 63 confirmed acknowledgement as of now) ..

I saw a total of 72 names in the mail ....