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Hi.. Nice to see a senior.. Just wanted to know abt the placement senerio...

adityaverma Says
So, all those who have got selected. Let's get to know each other. What do you guys say?

Hello guys my name is shruti and i will b joining alliance as well. i had talked to the seniors and they say they pay package that they have now is 6-8.

I don know about your grads i didnt meet people with such acads. But be prepared to face questions about what happened to your acads. About 250-300 people had attended yday and about 100 got through.

My pi was a bit tough they had asked about my acads and they asked me about the business world, so read up about that. I had done Btech so they asked me a bit about that as wel.. but the people in the panel are generally nice so you dont have to worry that much.


My gd topic was very simple. It was whether india shouls spend its resources at space research when its a resource deficient country.

My PI was hard they ask you a bit on finance and a bit about the current business world. So be a bit prepared about that.

You do get time to spend with the seniors after your initial test is done while you get the campus tour so ask them all the questions you have.

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Hi puys,
had my interview today and i got through.

First we had a apttitude test very simple about 32 questions for an hour.
Then the extempore. My topic was food first,ethics later.
Then had a gd which went fine then the pi where they grilled me..

The college is really nice, i had talked to the seniors and they told they have a very active placement cell and they get placement about 6-8. They faculty is also really good but the fees is a bit high. i heard it comes to 14 lakhs all together stay food and tuition fees.

Hello puys,

i hope that people who had their interview would tell about their oral presentation topics and experience. I was browsing through the site and found these topics Hope they will b helpful..

1.Talent mangement is critical in company success.
2.Global warming.
3.Global markets.
4.Online social networking.
5.World is flat.
6.Controversial advertisements should be banned.
7.Employee relationship mangement.
8.Research and its importance.
9.Right to information act,citizen's charter.


hi puys,

since most of us are attending the interview and stuff for alliance i thought it would be helpful for all if we could discuss about topics that might come for the oral presentation.. any one interested??

i want to know wht is goin to happen to the w8 listed people.. iam on it i had a good mat score n thght my pi went well

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do u know if ny one is on wait list???

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results r out puys!!!

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