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@FantsticOne This info is from what I heard at an info session. ISB gives points for all extra certifications that you do. They specifically said that they welcome IT guys to include their certifications in the app. I have oracle certifications. Although I am not in IT, my work involves oracle and I use that knowledge in day-to-day work. It distinguished me because very few in my line of work ever get certified.

This is what I have gathered from my conversations from various ppl. Completely my personal opinion. Your certifications might score you a few points but if they have not been utilized then they lose their value. For example somebody got certified in java but never actually worked on java won't get the full benefit. It might still count as something he did at that time to distinguish himself from his peers.

If you are going to pursue any certification/course now, then make sure that it is from a reputed organisation/university and that it would help you reach you career goals. Your whole profile should paint a consistent picture regarding your career goals. A new course should not stick out as odd man out and confuse the app reviewers regarding the utility of this course. You need to have strong reasons for pursuing any course at this point of time. If your need very less time to finish the course (say 2 weeks or 2 months), you have to think whether such a course adds any actual value to your profile. A 2 wk management development program would add more value than some random certification. If you pursue a long-term course, would your learnings justify the time & efforts you are required to put in. Getting good scores in the course would definitely strengthen your app.

If you are not able to find a suitable career-related course, you can pursue something related to your hobby/EC, like professional photography course.

Just make sure that whatever your pursue is a judicial utilization of the limited amount of time you have to make a demonstrable improvement. And it should make sense for your profile.

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Hi Puys... Admitted... Mohali Campus All the best to awaiting guys... M in hyd right now... Hoping to meet the future batchmates here
Hey I am also in Hyd and offered Mohali. Lets meetup this weekend
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@srm85 What do you think about the situation. None of the people who we know got any updates. Sounds fishy
I don't kno man. I think the calls will come for another 2-3 hours like last time. I didn't believe till I got my result
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