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hi Rishika....Wat do u think of d market at dis point...i mean 2 say 4 tradin in futures n options..?? r u bullish on market..?? is it worth buyin a nifty call of stike price say 4100 for April..

As per news, the corporate advance tax payment has made the rupee appreciate so much, Corporate India has paid around Rs 40,000 crore as advance tax and that has made liquidity crunch in the economy.

The banks started selling dollars for rupee and that made the rupee appreciate.And the call rate has jumped to 22% from 6-8% normal time.

Also,analyst saying that as Indian companies are taking more loans abroad,rupee is appreciating and can appreciate further thereby making indian exports less competitive.

Large appreciation of rupee cannot only bring uptrend in market,the rupee has appreciated a lot, so expect the central bank to come into picture.

As i think,One major reason for market rebound is upcoming corporate results

Gud analysis Akhil....
Adding to of the reasons for market rebound was due to the statement by Fin. Minister...that liquidity crunch of banks would end soon...wid the increase in public expenditure by the govt....dis was one of the main reason y banking stocks in particular shoot up...

hmm..Shailesh dat a new movie on CNBC????:

rohanrun Says
Me too got in GIM but haven't recieved the call letter yet. So, just wanted to know if anything is mentioned as too if we make the initial payment and later on cancel our admission, then will we get any % of money back?

Hi far as i remember..u wont get ny refund once u hav paid ur fee...
hmm..seems like waitin 4 sum results of other b-schools..

Hi GUYS....
Posting after a long time....Congrats to all d final call getters..
Me doin summers in Mumbai..cumin dre next week...hope 2 c all d mumbaikars dre..V ll organise sum meets 4 sure..
Rock on..

We have got one Sports Quad..where you can play Basketball,cricket,Volleyball etc..Then you have a Table tennis and Carrom room too..But believe me my friend you have very little time to Play n all..

hey can u 4get GYM at GIM ....dats an integral part of our college n cumon sum ppl r regular 2 dat inspite of d tough schedule.
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i have been noticing here on threads that interview panel ask u ur cat and xat score....and why there is a difference in two...In my case there is a huuuuuuge diff...i got a 98.71%ile in xat but a very very very low in cat :sad: was a mess up...wat shud be the proper ans to this

U knw i was asked d same Q....wat i said was i identified d mistakes which i commited in cat..n workd hard on those mistakes not 2 repeat dem in xat...(workd hard aftr cat
hi guys,
I m posting hre my GD-PI experience which was hre at GOA last year. You know i m from Rajasthan n Delhi would have been the nearest centre...but couldnt help it when i saw Panjim as centre...golden opportunity to Go Goa..
My Gd-PI was on 3rd march but i came hre well 2-3 days in advance with my friends. we stayed at a hotel near miramar beach which is 8-9 kms from GIM. Enjoyed a lot for 2 days(who knew that 2 days would be extended to 2 years)
I had my Gd-PI on 3rd march 8.30 am slot. I reached there an hour before( was so eager 4 GD-PI) Probably the 1st one 2 reach.
The process started at 9 with Gd
GD- Group of 15-16(ya it was huge)
Duration 20-25 mins. 3 panelists(director of GIM, 1 Faculty nd an alumni)
We all had to give a brief intro then there was an open discussion for 10 mins n finally each 1 has to conclude.
Immediately after GD, we all have to give a small write up about how was our GD.
PI- 2 rounds of interviews.
PI 1- Panel- Director. Some Q's..
1.How was the Gd? Some more Q's related to the GD topic.
2.Why GIM?
3.Cat%tile, Xat %ile n why thre is difference among the two?
4. Something about my educational background( I m CA inter)
PI 2- Panel - 1 faculty nd 1 alumni. Some Q's
1. Tell me something about urself which is not written in XAT form.
2. Why GIM? oh man again.. ( :satisfie: I wondered i should have prepared for this more)
3. How was the over all GD? ( same Q 3rd time..Ist for the write up 2nd by director. wondered i should have read more abt SEZ's atleast after my Gd)
4. Why low marks in Graduation?( do i need to mention my Grad % hre:( ...apologies)
5. About my work ex.
6.Why a shift form CA to MBA.?
So thats it for now guys...If u have any queries do ask me..

So guys...finally d wait is over...
congrats to all those who are shortlisted for GD-PI's and gud luck for your further process. Hope d best 120 get into GIM. I will be here with saurav,srinie shailesh n rahul(who r already doin awesum work ) to help you guys regarding any queries,etc

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Requesting all the pg junta of first year of GIM to come forward... specially the junior mess committee members are cordially invited

Shailesh sir ne bulaya aur hum chale aaye...but y specially the mess committee??..plz clarify
Anyways all the best to all GIM aspirants
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