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Hi Niks, I am interested in knowing about the colleges and its placements for its Jan 2009 batch. I have 15 month exp ..

care to give details here ?

i will come straight to the point.

I have started my preparation for snap and xat like 15 days back. snap is on 21st and i am targeting the simc college which offers communication management and good to decent institutes which take xat scores .

i know i am very late in my preparation starting and all that . but can someone here tell if it is really too late to even give it a best shot? since i am writing snap , can anyone here tell me where i need to focus more? i am quiet weak in quant and di at the moment .

how should i go about with my preparation ?

kindly do help on the same.
and yes, i have 15 month exp in advertising/marketing field.

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I am interested in pursuing Sports marketing courses at the PG level in INDIA. Can you suggest good colleges which give sports marketing or specilization in sports marketing in india/ US/Australia.

i got call from IIMM , ICHMRD. but i dint take it. i mean, i attended the gd/pi and i got the seat. let me make it very clear here. the college is very good. as far as ur placement and infra structure, industry interface goes, its damn good. but , the college doesn have aicte approval. also, it very very strict college. a la nazi camp. u cant come outta college for the first year . u have classes even on sundays. mobile phones completely banned.. even orkut is banned in the college.
i dint take it cos, recently aicte had some out with an ad in leading newspapers asking students not to join any college which has no aicte or govt of india approval. that means, there is a chance that the college degree which we get may not be approved for future studies in india or abroad. also there is also the risk of degree getting in invalid like the cases of icfai and amity. i hope u recall those incidents.
hope this post helps u in taking the decision cos ultimately the onus is on u to decide, brother.

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thanks , u guys! but it was too late for me. i called up and they said - NO!
how is NL DALMIYA college? i think their website aint working...
is it a good college?

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i agree that IIMM has good infra and very good placements. but, dint u guys read the AICTE announcements? cautioning students not to join any coll which offer degree prog without aicte approval?
iimm does not have the approval

i still am asking someone here abt their opinion on IBMT, bangalore.

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univ of petroleum studies is a new institute , right?. i am planning to apply for the aviation management there. but i have good ATMA scores and not decent MAT.

but sectoral specific , is the institute good? any idea abt the placements and infra?

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i wish i could, but they are conducting the interview and gd at their campus. unless i know what sort of coll it is i cant go there, can i?

i am from chennai , yaar!
i got another coll call letter today . it is - IMIS, BHUBANESWAR- inst of management and information sceince.

can anyone help? what sort of college is this? is this a good coll?

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