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Gypsy Girl @gypsygirl
1). Electronic transactions are happening in closed group networks and Internet. Electronic commerce is one of the most important aspects of Internet to emerge. 2). Cash transactions offer both privacy and anonymity as it does not contain information that can be used to identify the parties...
srikanth Borusu @srikanth6

Like sentences to be kept together to form a coherent passage sentences 2,5,4 are about cash and sentence 4 is opening new discussion about electronic money followed by 1 then by 3.

Dwaipayan Mukherjee @dumpy26
Hi, can neone suggest a good book for RC.
srikanth Borusu @srikanth6
@gudda1122 please mail me bhai.
*RC-21/04/2013* The word "modern" in its Latin form "modemus" was used for the first time in the late 5th century in order to distinguish the present, which had become officially Christian, from the Roman and pagan past. With varying content, the term "modern" again and again expresses the ...
srikanth Borusu @srikanth6

Best one in this thread. Marked every question wrong.

shubham sharma @gudda1122
*_RC-24/04/2013_* TWO decades before he won the Nobel prize for economics in 1991, Ronald Coase wrote an essay decrying the poor state of research in industrial organization, the discipline in which he established his reputation. The field, he complained, was devoted to the study of monopol...
shubham sharma @gudda1122
Christianity suggests that the universe is a theatre of change and imperfection, and God is perfect and unchanging. Apologists, who *reconcile* Christianity with Greek Philosophy advocate that universe is somewhat different from pure matter. Thus God according to them also is eternal and unchangi...
Rohit Awasthi @estranged_gnrs
We have to ..... in our young men and women sense of discipline, which is a ..... for progress and happiness.
srikanth Borusu @srikanth6

AmiDh -- Could you please share the pdf ( or the link.

I need IMS and Time material. Please PM me if anyone can give.
City: Bangalore.

hi iam from hyd can one give me ims cat material please ,,,,, thank u in advance

please any on explain me about me roll of essay .. in xat
is it considered by colleges in selection
or essay marks will effect the xat percentile????

iam just entered final (cse) which is good time for me to take mat how many times can a general candiate take mat in an year ,,,wat abt score regulations for each attempt...