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mr.kat Says
ppl i still have'nt recd my call letter .. tried calling them on the no. floated in this forum .. no response .. !!

call immediately 2mrw at 0657-3983333
if u dnt get a response,get back to me..i vl ask the administation here abt it..vl give u another contact number..
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Nice to see so many happy faces...Congratulations for being on the top but the show has just harder and make sure u convert this..For those who din't make it, don't see too much into was a bad day..that is all there is to it..I know its difficult to swallow but trust me it really doesn't matter in the long run..bliv in urself n kip trying...ATB :cheerio:


Honestly speaking it looks tough to me...but see u never know until the actual results are out..and take my word,I got a call from XL when I least expected,pray god and concentrate on other exams like FMS because there is no end to it if we keep on speculating..

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Here are some of the hot topics that you can discuss on with the blokes to get the ground ready for the GDs.

1. Copenhagen Climate Summit
2. GST (Goods & Services Tax) : Pros & Cons
3. Stock Market Run 2009
4. Inflation
5. Centre's Disinvestment Agenda
6. IPO Trends & Primary Markets

Hii puys..I am sorry to say but the topics mentioned above are not common knowledge..what I mean to say is a lot of people who appear for XAT don't know about markets,investments and other jargon(I knew none of it a year back)..they are not expected to know these things..In the essay writing,your writing skills are checked and ur knowledge on the topic is not really important..Of course u shud bear in mind that ur not writing crap..write thngs which make sense and which u can defend in the interview..but,believe me its not such an important thing in the overall selection process..its one of the many things..So,don't be unduly worried about the topics..just relax and write things which are logical and practical...ALL THE BEST..hope to c u guys next year..;)

XLRI being the most coveted inst of mine , i need to know some stuff

1. What would be cut off for Work exp 4years
2. acads avg 78-80
3. What r the stages of selection


see yaar,for getting a call,only the XAT exam written score is taken into ex weightage is after the written..that is it has the impact in the interview wer u r given xtra marks coz of ur work ex..n u can ofcourse make it to seems like a huge task,main bhi aise hi sochta i am in XL..bliv in urself man,u ll make it

hiii aspcat! hope ur doin fine...
u can join any of the two..bliv me it wont have much of an impact on ur final result..but,if u can afford,it is alwas advisable to join the 4950 one as it will give u more tests like XLRI ..that's the only reason to shell out more money..
u can otherwise alwas try papers 4m different instis and go for the 2450 one..

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@ sujith...hii buddy

you stay in hyderabad and u might be knoeing that TIME is headquartered there only..even on a national basis,TIME is the best test-series,i suggest u to go ahead and join TIME even if they are charging 20k..bliv me its worth it..Also,in my opinion,CL is also very gud..its very innovative..but,if ur taking just one series,anythng will do..depends on u eventually wat u make of the mock series..ATB..
PS: join TIME

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hi seniors who have made it through the iims.
ur valuable suggestions are welcome.
keep pouring in ur advices ..

hii puys! so,there u go..the god-level AIMCATs have taken off..I think I am eligible to share my 2 cents here..I am nt thru IIM though..
1 most important thing I realised after all these mock test series(I took both TIME n CL...both r very gud n class apart) is that these exams teach u some very big lessons in life..u learn to be patient wen u work hard n even then ur mock goes bad..u learn from ur past mistakes n turn out bigger n better the next time..
A bad mock is just a part of the game..almost all of us had bad personal experience:I scored -13 in VA in one AIMCAT..13 attempts,13 wrong...dat was very hard to swallow,but i refused to accept defeat n bliv me it really helped to kip my head up dat time..
So, just bliv in ur abilities, work damn hard n attempt the paper smartly...:cheerio:
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didit Says
does anyone have an idea of whether there are any doctors in this batch?

Till now i know of two doctors as per the info 4m the orkut thread..
1.Dr. Shovan
2.Dr. Abha Inamdaar
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No movements puys...
do they move after admissions too

As per the info 4m the previous threads,the waitlist moves till there are just 4-5 days left for the commencement of the course at XLRI..they even increase the capacity of students by 4-5 places just to make sure that no deserving candidate gets left there is still atleast 10 days to go..ATB :grin: the w/l will certainly see another movement
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