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We need atleast 211 people to leave from the 1st list in order to start with the waitlist....

This looks like a huge number now!!!

Apart from the ppl who have converts frm IIMs, XL ,FMS and the likes.. there are a lot of ppl like me too.. who are giving MDI a skip just because they want to try again for the IIMs nxt season.

So chill.
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Well well..

Finally a convert for this season .. after 2 rejects from IIM C nd NITIE
I am elated to say the least. Made it to PGPM.

I am yet to decide, whether to join MDI or try again next season.

Atb to everyone.

Fresher 99.77%
had a Below average GD ,but awesome PI.

shortlist will be out next week.
Thats what Nitie told me.

Ph number: 022 28575590 : redirected to 022 28573371

Oh noooo.. Not again !!

Hi Seniors,

While filling the form i have chosen Bangalore as my preference for GD PI..
Recently i moved to Pune.. so is there any way to change my GD PI location to Mumbai ?


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Hi seniors,
When is the mentorship programme likely to begin ?

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Hurray .. My first IIM Call

QA 98.58%
VA 95.43%
DI 99.79

OA 99.77 %

I am a fresher
Xth 89 , XII 93

Congrats to all the call getters ,

repeated post

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My scores:

QA 98.58%
VA 95.43%
DI 99.79%

OA 99.77%

Didnt get thru IIMA or S...

What are my chances for IIM C?

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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
In a press release sent this morning, IIM Ahmedabad informed that the CAT results would be announced at the end of February, instead of in the middle of the month, as was announced earlier. The institute did not provide