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hi frns , i am logging in after a lng time gap ... vats up these days ...
hey ketan can u give tat link of y grp here once again ?

/*That was so sweet!And that too to be posted by a man! */

yea its really amazing 2 c such wrds 4m a man reg a girly portal ... sweet oof u anurag !!

one of the world's first services to apply advanced
face recognition technology to personal photos and family history;
and it's free!

chk out :
hope u guys njoy !!!!

hey gaurav nice posting buddy !!!!!

Wish u a very happy birthday buddy !!!!

congracts vinnet !!!

well i am also 4m hyd aspiring 2 take GMAT but not yet decided the day ... hope 2 join u all actively here

came 2 know abt this 4m 1 of my frnds !!!

love r arranged is not the issue ... All depends on the persons involved ....

mainly ego creates pblms ....

he may think tat gal shld b acc 2 him & the gal may think tat he shld b acc 2 her .... ultimately both may think in their own way which results in misunderstandings !!!

b4 the marriage both may say they likd each other as they r but may start expecting small changes among each other after they get married ....

fights may b there but shldnt continue for lng period .... either of them shld look for the soln ...

life shld experience every phase - fights , love , romance , career etc etc .... but shld b njoying the things instead of creating hell !!!!

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yea me too if the meet is being held at hyd then i wld also love 2 join it ....