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Regards, Praveen

Any idea whats happening ??? whats going on in IIT Kanpur admissions?

Regards, Praveen
spraveen1402 Says
Bhai ... W/L ka tho kal ke baad hi pata chalega ... chill kar le tab thak ... til 31st that is today. people can withdraw the admissions .. so kal ya 2 -3 din me hi clear picture milega..

courtesy facebook i think withdrawals are allowed until 1st june that is today. If any one who is still waiting to withdraw .. u got another chance...
Regards, Praveen
Pinto Says
bhai koi waitlist ka bhi bata do...

Bhai ... W/L ka tho kal ke baad hi pata chalega ... chill kar le tab thak ... til 31st that is today. people can withdraw the admissions .. so kal ya 2 -3 din me hi clear picture milega..
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Regards, Praveen
RahulKM Says
semester means 2 sessions in a year and trimester means 3 sessions...

What does a session include ?
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IITK has a semester system.

What is the difference between a semester and a trimester system ?
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maniyar Says
any way because logically i m not convinced that any college gives buffer calls because they have already W/L system

well too many withdrawals ..say wl movement goes by 150 or 200 people generally get that perception that many are opting out of the college so it may not be a good one .. no one knows how many buffer calls are given .. so if the wl movement is only by 5 or 10 or 20 or 30 people feel not many have opted out of the course ,. may be a good course.
Well thats just my view .. may be wrong or right ...
Regards, Praveen
Yeah may be

But what even if they suppose give 80 calls for 70 seats and even 72 wer come for admission and even single have not chance to withdraw admission. And like u said if they just predict but what if the trend has changed due to some other factor.

Will u try to spend 200 rupee in advance as u know that atleast i will get 150 to pay back but from last 10 years i have got 220 rupee what if on 11th year u will get only 190 to pay back

well buddy .. they have these calculations which work.. and not only IIT K every college including IIM A gives buffer calls .. and I am yet to hear any1 given admissions and not taken into the college due to lack of seats .. So this is fairly fool proof method what ever they are using.
and not sure of IIT but some pvt colleges do have management quota seats .. so extra candidates if any will be accomodated in the management quotes seats that will be filled later after admissions.

This doesnt exist in Govt colleges i think ..but defintely in pvt ones.

sometime even after buffer calls are exhausted 2 waitlist also gets exhausted .
Regards, Praveen
maniyar Says
suppose on after declaration of result on immigiate date 100 candidates come for admission out of 130 for 70 seats and if they are not even have any chance to withdraw then?

well that in practical never happens the buffer calls are set in such a way that the maximum offers accepted is total number of seats ...
It is given based on a lot of factors considered by the colleges .. past record of pull outs , the ranking ... etc etc etc ...
Higher the ranking lower is the number of buffer calls bcos lower will be the pull outs.
Regards, Praveen
I Called to office they told that we can know about W/L on friday.............................

And what do you all mean by buffer calls?

Suppose there are 70 seats in a college. while giving out the list of people who got admisison they will normally give out approx 130 calls to fill these 70 seats ...

The extra 60 calls (130 -70) are mostly refered to as buffer calls. The count of buffer calls are based on some calculations by the college and they always know people will back out .
Regards, Praveen
Dear Candidate,

Congratulations once again on being selected to the MBA program at IIT
Kanpur. We received your Demand Draft before the deadline of May 23, 2012
and we welcome you to our program. We have started processing the
paperwork regarding your admission. However there have been a few
instances in the past when certain candidates choose not to join even
after paying the fees. If you decide not to join the program due to any
contingency, it will facilitate our process if you can inform us
immediately by a return email. Please do this at the earliest so that we
can proceed forward.

Thanking you and looking forward to see you,

Best regards,
Prof. Jayanta Chatterjee
HOD, IME Department
IIT Kanpur

this was the message i received and replied for withdrawal within 10 minutes so waitlisted guys have hope it may take time but its not over :)

I think every1 has got this mail ... so by today whoever is withdrawing have to send mails for withdrawing for may wl movement i guess
Regards, Praveen