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Question for 20-12-2011

What would your day look like if money and job was not required to survive in this world?

AWESOME question mate .....

would wake up early morning (cause i know that i can rest whenever i choose to) watch the sun rise ..... with a friend probably or a loved one. Eat some food and read a book, have lunch, sleep.

plan for my next journey across the globe. Traveling is definitely on the cards, and then someday write something and teach every lesson i learnt in life and more.
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question of the day ....

what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see your face in the mirror.

try n b honest ... nd p.s. m not referring to any particular look like the one we have early in the morning. just a general look at ordinary or extraordinary times.
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Question for the day
If your life was a novel, what would its title be?

the dark horse
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Koshen of the day : 6th december 2011
Complete the following in your way-

I wish I _____________,because_____________.

I wish I had more than 24 hours in a day, because time seems to be running very fast these days.
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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
It's finally here, the audited and mind-bogglingly detailed placement reports of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad's PGP, PGP Agri-business and PGPX batches graduating in 2011. The report is based on th
Debasish mahatwo @spooky03

AWESOME JOB ...... couldn't thank enough

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Pic from the FMS website_ Another MBA entrance exam is expected to bite the dust soon. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) is in all probability going to shelve its 40-year old entrance exams in favour of the Comm
Debasish mahatwo @spooky03

awesome job ...........MERA BHARAT MAHAAN ......... i hope they get the SARCASM .........

Set 134

my take

1) C

2) B

3) D

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First of i would just state a fact :
It would not be surprising if one day we see the posts in this thread are converted into a Book like the AIWTSC ebook on pagalguy.

18th June,2011
Koschin for the day ...
Do you feel taking risks in life pays off ?? Did you take any ? Did it actually help ??

According to me its not whether "i feel taking risks PAYS OFF"
initially for sure i also measured it (Risks) the same way, i.e. the "PAY OFF" factor.
After taking my share of Risks at this age for me there is more to it than just a Return.
When we take risks we change the usual assumed coarse of our lives bringing in new factors and constraints that may be beneficial or hazardous, but in the end we get to realize a new part of our own selves, our choices and our ability to bear them. Seeing from that point of view i would say it always adds to our Self.

Have i taken them :
well lets just say this is nothing sort of a coincidence of a lifetime that i came across this QNS exactly when i supposed to have emerged out of the Biggest risk of my life till date. (more details in this thread:splat: Frustrated and I need some inspiration/advice

whether the risk payed off or not am not sure, but it sure is a hell of a ride.

other Big ones that i've taken.

) was completely dazed by a childhood friendship that left me bruised very badly but made me stronger all the same.

) was in love with a girl and did the inconceivable mistake of telling about her to my parents:banghead:. this made me a wreck for three months that stretched up-to a year. As of today, though she would never be anything more than the first, I learned a thing or two about relationships.

) i failed to say the the right things at the right time to the right person - the result, am still single.

there are other small ones too .... i regret some of those but i guess if there are no mistakes then there is no excitement either.

Finally i'll just say that the best ingredient for (bad) Risk is - humble persistence:|.

p.s. Nice Koschen Bro..
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oa for set 45 :

sorry puys i have only the key but no explanations.....i hope that spectra bhai,cut gunner,unruffleji would throw some light on this.........

My take was

got the first two wrong ....... spectra sir ....

p.s. this week was the most unexpected since last one year
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Koschin for the day
What is that you hate in yourself?

P.S - Honest answers are expected.
P.P.S -Pardon me, If the question has already been asked

lots of interesting thoughts and experiences shared here .... wonder why i didn't come across this thread before

my first post in this thread and what better qns than the one that evaluates oneself ..

biggest weakness is to always have a prejudice about nearly everything , new people, new circumstance, new place etc.

the problem is most of the times m WRONG :splat:
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