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XAT 2012 Analysis XAT 2012 Answer Key XAT 2012 Cut-off & Solution Keys

check ur answers on given link........i mean xat answers...
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http://www.tcyonline.com/exam-analysis/xat-2012-solutions..........puys nyone who wants to check or analyse xats solution can go to this link......best of luck to evryone fr xat results
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sir ,i am gng to attend my second attempt of xat this year .but i m totally demoralised :-(as i couldnt qualify the irma .i was kicked off justt by 2 nos below the cutoffs.i juss want to make me strong enough so as to ensure the call from xlri.please direct me.as the paper of xat will be tougher than irma so i dont think i will be able to get a call as i couldnt qualify in irma .my confidence has beeen totally dented.please please suggest smthng blasting to me in order such that i could get the call fr sure.

my last year xat score-75 percentile
weak areas -i think its english/verbal sec ......:banghead:n second most my speed is smwat slow in solving the paper....n ths time i m feeling vry low coz of irma result

actually not all the topics were covered thr were 2 questions from sequence series,one frm si-ci,3 to 4 frm coordinate geometry,one frm mensuration ,one frm quadratic ,avg,one frm work and time sets etc...no question from permicombi ,one was frm probability but i dont remember ir well....2 were frm numbers ...aise hi the ....dont leave ny topic kuch bhi a sakta hai .n remember 1 thng in starting try to find out easier ones so as to gain som confidence rest u wl do by ur own...ALL THE BESTT...

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attempts- QA+DI=16 wth almost 95% :): accuracy,VB/LR=30 :clap: more than 95 % accuracy
paper was a mixed one thr were lot of questions frm coordinate(3-4)....no combi permu & probability :shocked:....verbal n LR section was easy as compared to quant &DI;
suggestions-dont stay on a question try to find out easier ones so as to boost the confidence fr remaining questions....this help in maintaining accuracy and a good no of attempts aswell.....all in all paper was good much better n easy as compared to previous year ones...

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hi myself sunnyy.....i am in real need of all the T.I.M.E CAT material that hav beeen provided to puys who hav done ths coaching fr attending CAT 2011 xam....plss if anybody wants to provide me wth the same rplyy i wl give my gmail id....i want all the test series that hav been provided to T.I.M.E STUDENTS THS YRRR....plsss helppp mee