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Discover26 Says
Can someone please tell me if there are going to be sectional cutoff's this year for liba... I got 88.01 in xat ( QA 50, VA 50, LDI 99.3) can I expect a call... seniors please help

LIBA is traditionally known to have sectional cut offs..... But the process might change depending upon the criteria they choose to evaluate.

All i can say now is, just wait for the day and keep all your options open!!!

@ Anzarrana
i think you have fairly decent chances. ATB


Looks a little difficult as of now. But anyways dont lose hope until the results are out. Keep other options open as well!!!

@ Prakash n Venky

Gr8 job guys!!!! Keep it going!!!


rohitbatta85 Says
how can there be no ac;s in classrooms because all b schools have it

Dude there is an active query thread in the orkut community.. i think u vil get a quicker reply there as the number of seniors present in the community is more
Hi Neeraj,

Thanks for the quick response. Just one more question on the loan...will it be available to all the interested candidates or do banks have any qualms about offering the loan... like income range etc etc... ?

In the admission letter it is mentioned that the hostel facility is on first come first served basis. Does that mean that there are not enough rooms in the hostel? I read in the brochure that there are 120 well furnished single rooms in the boys hostel. It means the hostel can accomodate all the boys ( Seniors and Juniors ) without trouble. Please clear this doubt.

Pavan K Kanakagiri

Plz carry on the discussions in the orkut community... many seniors are available there and a lot of activity is awaiting us!
hey puys,

Those who have been selected and joining LIBA for sure, request you to please join this community. There are couple of tasks set by our seniors and interactions are goin on with seniors. Please don miss any of them. Join the community right away, by clicking on the below link.

orkut -


Gr8 job buddy...

Guys i have created a community in orkut for 2010 converts and waitlisters..

get to know ur potential batchmates here and clarify your other doubts as well..

I hope our seniors would continue to help us in solving our dilemmas


orkut -

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I've tried to join the community twice since yesterday. I have sent my request, but somehow it hasn't been accepted. Since it is a moderated community, pls ensure tht admin & moderators try to accept requests promptly.


Hey the first thing i did today morning is adding u..

just revisit the community once n im sure u vil find urself there:biggrin:

Hey the first thing i did in the morning today is adding you. Just revisit the community.. Im sure u wil find urself there:D