I call upon the experience of seniors and other MBAs to throw light on MBA Marketing for people with IT experience(3 or more). There are many misconceptions that MBA Marketing for IT Professions with experience is a bad choice and they are not considered for many job profiles. Please help us out!!
Sowmyanarayanan @sowmyanarayanan
*Latest: * * * *Merit List Declared for FTMBA MBA HR only Merit List Declared for PGDM* * * Please look into it!!!! Congrats to all those who got it...


Merit List Declared for FTMBA
MBA HR only Merit List Declared for PGDM

Please look into it!!!! Congrats to all those who got it...

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  • @sunshine08 Thanks a lot mam. Wish u all the best for I. .... 24 May '13.
  • @abhinav_insane Many Many Many congratulations!!!!!!! :g.... 24 May '13.
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@nirvana219 ... hahaa.... i thought you knew already :).... anyways we owe a lot to our alma mater .. and hope to get the same from the next two years
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i know the pain..i will unblock one as soon as i can..i wish i had waited one more day to pay the fess ..@MBAVichar ..i took some time to realise u r my scoolmate..:P
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@abhinav_insane Many Many Many congratulations!!!!!!! As they say perseverance pays off! Really happy for you

Third Merit List Declared for PGDM & We will Not be Declaring Any Merit List for FTMBA

This is what the website says now.. Any idea on any changes in FTMBA waitlist?

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  • @abhinav_insane u are absolutely right but I still dont u.... 12 May '13.
  • @pksingh3232 I agree with you, but my point is in current.... 12 May '13.
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@pksingh3232 Agree with you bro, NM is decent college and as per my info college doesnt get too much involved in publishing placement report. Its the placecom that is responsible as is the case with all other colleges. I also know the figures for core, but core and non-core placements should be published separately in my opinion.
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@pratiksharma008 u will convert either IIFT-K or NM so just be patient dude both are good options for u ATB
Pratik Sharma @pratiksharma008 61
@abhinav_insane Yrr actually now m afraid of commenting on anything after this NM crash and burn But as far as i have tracked info on these forums ... I have a high probability of converting . But i have to wait till first week of june .
prashant singh @pksingh3232 943
@abhinav_insane u are absolutely right but I still dont understand y such simple things are not understood by a college tht inflating packages only brings down the college value.see IITD this yr again it has posted an avg package of 13 lpa which is simply lying on your face.Anyways i have realized one thing dont go by placements figures go by alumni base of the college coz if alumni base is strong college is bound to have good placements even in tough times.for eg NM Core mktg placements were 13 lpa avg and this is a true figure trust me.overall placements went down to poor finance placements where avg was 9 lpa due to slow economy so overall Core avg was 11 lpa.So what I want to say if u get into NM Core try to be in top 200 students in the batch of 360 and be assured of a good placement coz if u will be in bottom 100 u may even get packages of 5 lpa!!!!!
Abhinav Insane @abhinav_insane 1.0 k
@pksingh3232 I agree with you, but my point is in current economic scenario when top B schools are not able to place everyone, increasing your average from 13.04 to 14.4 makes it obvious. None of the other colleges in the bracket of 12-16 have done this. Which is exactly what have made NM haters start speaking crap and accused NM of baseless things.
@eggy said:
Can any one explain how i landed up in IB when my Preference was PGDM.And how to check whether i can get upgraded to the same...Any System ????
dude i'm in the same position man. Got IB in IMT-G.

since this is mentioned "In case of default in payment, your admission stands automatically cancelled and the seat will be allotted to the next candidate in the waiting list."

then isn't there a waiting list for PGDM?
S P @SP24
___________ is worlds biggest weapons importer .
Sowmyanarayanan @sowmyanarayanan
and now China becomes the 5 largest exporter in the world. they are the second largest importer and second largest spender on defence budget
@bodhi_vriksha said:
Ok goes the next one...The sum of all the possible values of integral k such that (k^2-2k) ^ (k^2+47) = (k^2-2k) ^ (16k-16) is(a) 16 (b) 17 (c) 18 (d) 19 (e) none of theseTeam BV - Vineet
K takes value 7, 9, 1, 2
answer: d) 19
is the short list for both cycle 1 and cycle 2?
96.5x to 96.99 are the most unlucky fellas this time!! feels bad when they throw us away like this!! If everything is luck why I would rather play in casino than applying for colleges and wasting money..
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@pramod999 said:
After khargpur list, tension has increased. Expecting a call at 96.28, hopefully they wont increase the cutoff that much.
A guy with 99.12 has already received call for GDPI from IIT K. So even i am scared!!