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Hi Folks,
Got some time to scribble after the tedious exams. As all are aware of the international conf being held in the month of nov 19 - 21, all the teams hav started their work. Iam in cp team. Havin lil bit of n a bit of learning.
Donno the status of clubs that has given us lot of value propositions.
My exams were ok types ,but hoping..... "every thing gonna be alright." I know its very early think about all the stuff now.Anyways moving for the Dinner.
Have a great week ahead!!


welll...first of all, nice to see the thread active...... i was off the grid for long.... so guys any news abt convo..... I will be coming to college this Friday.... Hope to meet new ppl there....

@razabpn: met ur friend Krushna at TCS... nice to physically meet a super-senior.... nice guy!

how r u sir?
Long time ...
Which company r u working for?
Take care....

Good morning Sir,
Im Getting accustomed to this weather slowly....and i do have a doubt most often we usually write ps: what do ps stand for?and regarding the books i will def try to collect to pick it from library...Sir ,can u pls suggest any books for accountancy...the basic a btech grad ...finding lil difficult with a/cs.....
Have a good day sir!!

Is this my senior or??.....
Anyways if this post is from s senior...Good Evening Senior.....We just had his first class last lasted from 9 in the morning till 1 30 mid day.....We are nt used to such kind of schedules....but anyways i tried my level best to be attentive.....
Anyways i dint get that line which contains hands n legs........what ever.....Good night Senior....

Hi All!!
This is Sowmya bala from 2009-11.Today i smsed chandu sir, he replied me and i even wished him gud night .Iam very happy guys.I came very late to the college bcos of ill health.In the intial stages the weather of banglore was like hell.Now Slowly im getting accustomed to it.Chandu sir's first lecture was damn good and prooved all our presumptions from know various sources be wrong.
We are lucky to study under such professors.
Very tired today of the vertical activities and all.....Wishing you all a happy and good night.