Soveet Gupta @soveet
Converted PGDM through GMAT. Not joining though. Waitlist moves by 1 :thumbsup:
Converted PGDM through GMAT.
Not joining though. Waitlist moves by 1
  • 690. 15 Apr '13.
  • what was ur gmat scre?. 15 Apr '13.
Mithilesh Nichkaode @mith9d
Hey Guys, did anyone try to contact the admissions office regarding the hostels? Are there two types of Hostels (Non AC Single and Non AC Sharing). On the website, I see some really nice hostels (Executive studio apartments) anyone has any clue if those are available to us? Was anyone able to c...
@kunal_dha said:
@soveet did u had ur siib intrvw on 8th feb 11;15 a.m ??
As far as I remember, yes. And you are? I'm sorry I'm pretty bad at remembering names
@Legolas_33 said:
What say we better find that in college
Seems like that's what we're gonna have to do. It looks like XLRI doesn't want to declare this year's results
Approximately how many students out of 180 in BM are domicile candidates?
Converted BM 97.79 (XAT)
Work ex - 21 months. Non Odisha.

P.S. : Waiting for XLRI. Not sure about IMT.
@Picnicks Yes, Shishank had cleared the matter a couple of days back
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@Picnicks said:
@soveet Even I received that mail yesterday. I had also applied using my GMAT score.Should we send a clarification mail?
Today is holi. No point sending any email. I guess one of the seniors will be here tomorrow to address this. If not, we can directly ask the admissions office.
@hramkhor said:
@soveet : got any clarifications so far? I am worried cuz of the GMAT factor.
None yet. But I have a friend in IMI. If no one clarifies soon enough, I'll contact him.