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Has anybody asked ISB for the rejection reason and got one as yet? I had applied to ISB 2014 and got rejected in the interview.
Hey puys....wassup

I know i m a lil late....but i just started thinking bout giving the FRM full exam....i cleared CFA L1 this the portion between CFA L1/L2 and FRM (full) completely different....or are there chucks of repeat stuff......asking this cos wanted to know if i can cover the portion in 2.5 months.......and is schweser the best source of studying or is there any other......

same here...
i also cleared L1 in june. and now gunning for FRM full. FRM L1 is quite an overlap with CFA L1. so if u want to do FRM L1 it wont be difficult, but if u want to do full then the syllabus is a bit.
But i guess i will be going for it, as anyways will study risk in the next trimester starting october, so may find it easy afetr that.
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Hi Gaurav,

getting the material or the handbook from GARP is optional. its not included in the basic fees. If u want to buy from GARP u can buy it from them.

regarding the syllabus for L2, i m also concerned, i dont want to do something half finished, and syllabus for L1 is already done as i did the CFA L1 in June. But time of 3 months seems a lil short. as for advice, i asked a couple of my faculty (one of who has given FRM) and they were all of the opinion that i should go for the full version, more so as in the next trimester we also have risk management (so will have a bit of overlap).

Havent registered yet, waiting to get a feel of the scheweser material that i bought.
this was just my opinion dont knoe if it helped u.:lookround:

rahul2244136 Says
HI i am interested in doing CFA and wud be writing my CFA level 1 exam in june 2010 . Can Someone tell me if my 3 year degree will be considered as the eligible for DOING CFA ???

Hi rahul,

any bachelor degree or equivalent is what u need to be eligible for applying for CFA. for better details you can check,
CFA Program Entrance Requirements
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blackfisters Says
akkinaya thanks very much for the information. Should we contact GIM regarding the change for call right now or wait further?

Hi Blacfisters,

If you knoe when are the interviews scheduled at your center, then you may directly contact the interview center you need not contact GIM, as the administration is not going to re-schedule it now, it will be done then and there at the interview center.
vicks88 Says
Do gim have a managemnt quota as well????

I guess your question has been answered previously in this thread but to confirm, there is NO MANAGEMENT QUOTA in GIM.

hi all,
I have given XAT and is expecting a score of arround 28. What are my chances??? Also i have applied to gim but in XAT login its not updated that GIM has recieved my payment.neither have i got any confirmation mail!!! guys i am really worried now as to wheteher my payment has finnaly reached there or not!! can any body confirm whether they have got any kind of confirmation???

Hi Somtanu,
Due to heavy workload at the admissions office may be the mail to u got skipped, dont fret over it (i guess u filled the form at the last moment). But if you still want to confirm, either u can call the admissions office but i would say you mail the admissions as that would be a more practical course of action.
Last year too lot many people didnt get any mail/acknowledgement, the prospectus directly reached the students.
Regarding your chances for GIM, the kind of scores thatr i have heard this time, i think you really stand a good chance.
Hope i suitably calmed your nerves.

Hi Seniors,
I would like to have an advice from you that iam giving XAT only for GIM and i have not applied for any other college.As far as i have done CAT and others i feel verbal and quant is my strong section while AR troubles the no. of questions are above hundred in XAT and to obtain a call from GIM ,it is easy to manage marks from our strong section...i would like to ask that if i attempt only my strong sections and get a decent percentile ...can it affect my chances to get into GIM ....can it be said a wise strategy???

Hi Ashish,
there is no sectional cutoff for getting a call in GIM, that is very true. but what we need to understand is:
Suppose somebody gets a score like 95/98/50 (in the three sections),
thereby getting a overall score of 94 (assuming)
so this person will definitely get a call from GIM, but dont u think in the interview that person will be grilled why he/she got such a pathetic score in that section...
(i am telling this as i has pretty bad/unbalanced scores last year)
so giving up on one section is not really an option, yeah the scores need not be totally balanced but ideally they have to be decent atleast.
hope this answers your query.
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Phoenix12 Says
As mentioned by some seniors here, the essay is relevant only for XLRI

Drabir and Gaurav,
XIMB also considers the XAT essay, and sometimes ask u questions regarding the views presented too.
and yes GIM doesnt consider the essay.
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Hi Puys

There is no scope to select the program while applying to GIM.

Or is this online application for thr PGDM course.

Or we have to mention the program name somewhere.

Kindly clarify.

And one more thing - maybe its not relevant...just out of curiosity ...

Staying in Goa do you take the weekends off and enjoy or always busy with projects and classes 24x7.:1eye:

Hi targetcat,

The online application is for the PGDM course. so u need not select any special course while applying.

And regarding the life in GIM, u wud get all the info u want from the life@GIM ( thread. and rest u will knoe once u come here..