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Could you please throw some lights on various banks loans info(i.e. interest rate etc) that would be available once we join NITIE.

thanking in advance

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Thanks a ton to all seniors for their valuable inputs on marketing.

May I request the seniors to start the similar thread on Finance as it would be really helpful for finance people.


I have heard that the NITIE graduate do have their convocation after one year. Is there any specific reason behind it? As at the time of convocation(after 1 year) a graduate is supposed to get his MBA certificate, so it may pose some problem. Is it really so...

Thanking in advance..

amitdgarg Says
Please check the mandatory disclosure given to AICTE-page 14/34

Where am I supposed to find the mandatory disclosure? Is it in the MDI website? plz suggest.


One small query. While we have seen a lots of alumni names in various business school brochure or website, I have not found anything for MDI. Also, I tried accessing the MDI's alumni network through their website, but the link does not open. Please suggest.

Thanking in advance.


The pdf containing the wait-list movement in the NITIE website says that

'If any of the selected candidates fails to accept the offer of admissio
n.....the vacant seat will be offered to the wait listed candidate as per rules of the Institute.'

What do they mean by 'to accept the offer of admission' it like that if we submit all relevant docs at the time of our joining on 16th june, then only it will be the formal acceptance of the offer or do we have to complete any other formalities before joining apart from submitting the fees? Please suggest.


Could you please give seat distribution for the batch joining 2011:


Thanking in advance..

I am in!!!

@ Seniors,

In 2 of the given Annextures, we need to have the signature of Oath Commissioner. So, could you please tell me who can help me as a oath commissioner? Should he have to be anybody from court?

Thanking in anticipation.


I have heard(from one NITIE passout) that students belonging to both PGDIM and PGDIE undergo joint placement process. Does this affect the job prospect of the students considering the fact that total no. is student becomes more than 400(approx 275 from PGDIM + rest from PGDIE)

Thnx in advance.