@ka50q9 said:
@NikunjShah103@sourabhdang@lohitguptaOne qn which was nt being asked. We were informed that there is a tie up with Central bank of India for payment of fees. Could you please let us know the interest rates and info on collateral ??
See interest rates keep on changing as per market... So contact any CBI branch they ll guide u properly...
@liveurlifefully said:
@lohitgupta@sourabhdang hi....there are quite a few candidates who have more than 3 yrs of IT experience and hv got call frm IMT-G (Full time). In this case, Can you give an objective view of whether IMT-G can be chosen in terms of course as well as placement package.
It is entirely upto u ,if prove ur mettle u would be rewarded with a decent offer.....
Guyz plz ask your all querries on the official Final convert thread
@predator07 said:
@sourabhdang got a mail for DCP with xat percencentile of 98.8.. Any chance of upgradation to FT??
It happens rarely for DCP...

Guyz Plz stop sending PM it wont be answered..... Ask it on thread

@jones521 said:
@sourabhdangCan u tell how many seats for PGDM Finance?

@anvesh2953 said:
i have applied for finance and i got finance can i change it to marketing now. i have opted for finance without proper knowledge plz help me
If finance was ur first preference then u cannot...else auto upgradation to ur higher pref happens..
@pagalguysaikat said:
@sourabhdang thanks for the reply.can i expect it by a week's time?also let me know if equal marks n preference will be given to 2 candidates with same percentiles in cat n xat (one applied using cat score of 93 n the other applied with xat score of 93)?
@pagalguysaikat said:
@sourabhdang pls tell when shall the email asking for preference be sent to those ppl. who got a call from imt-n/h/d on the basis of cat score but have a xat percentile> 90?or do we need to send our preference to the admission desk via email. pl. clarify as many like me has attended the imt-n/h/d interview only on the consideration that we will get an imt-g preference on the basis of xat score!

It will come soon ....

@girisingh7 said:
will the final convert list be uploaded? Or mails will be sent individually?
mail u will recieve bt not sure of result being uploaded.... We will get back when we will be sure on this