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Buddy !!

In that case why is there a need of even putting the site's link. Everyone is aware of, Fortune 500, news, interviews - FORTUNE Magazine on etc etc, so they can go and read whatever they want !!! Isnt it ???

I guess u missing the purpose of this thread, its kinda ready reference of good articles and readily available to read at one place..

Do u still have any objection ??

No body has objection.... but i like readin the articles in the html format than the monotonous lengthy format in here, in the forum... so if u can post a link that will be nice... also we can read related articles in that... am not telling that post links as but as The Nobel prize for economics A natural choice

because i had to go to the site and i searched for the article there, and read it...

I guess many PGs do that...

So post the links... if so much interested, can post the article along with the link... unless u are getting and posting a paid article. What say guys?


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hello people,

I'm doing final year MBA, specialising in Finance/Systems. I'm looking out for a job in finance profile, but mite join systems company too when it comes along with a good package.

Everyone writes the NCFM exams, i just wanted to know whether does it add any value to my resume'(i'm a fresher, EEE graduate), i know as such we get to know about the markets better but wanted to know does the certification helps in anyway!!


Something to think about before we advocate about reservation:

Hi PGites,

Read the whole thread. I see many guys/girls telling that they have absolutely no problems having a non virgin partner provided they are honest.

1.I still don't understand y u want to know things if its not going to be of any importance to u.
2.Situation 1: OK! U love/marry, a girl/guy who had relationships earlier, which involved ***. See the situation is, girl/guy is completely out of their previous relationship. How comfortable are u, if u know that the other was ur best friend, someone in ur relative circle, or even ur boss, or someone u have to see everyday.
3.Situation 2: Ur lover had many relationships earlier, and is out of it, you love him and he loves u and all that. Will U accept the fact that ur better half have been in more than five relationships which involves *** , and just accept her because she is honest and loves u truly. Maybe u may accept when u are blindly in love, but what happens when u are in bad terms. Any relationship is bound to have stressful awful situations. We are all human and each one is possessive or selfish at least to a small percentage even if not it turns into a character.
4.Situation 3: Only extremely lucky people find their match in the first encounter. Assume u are not one among them. You get into a relationship and later u find that its not going to work out. Don't u think its more painful to break when u had very intimate relationship?? You know what happens when u do break like that, u stop believing people.

I know world is changing and all that. Americans have the freedom to choose their partners. The highest rate of divorce is seen in America. Y? I know its not a great deal in states that a guy or a girl having many relationships. But still a divorcee cannot hold higher positions in politics. When Clinton had a relationship, it was a scandal. Charles of England cannot become the king because he is a divorcee. Y?? Have anyone thought about it when we start comparing ourselves with our western counterparts.

We are increasingly become independent and stuffs like that, our divorce rate is also increasing alarmingly.

I saw some one write that arranged marriages are legalized prostitution. If arranged marriages are the cause for failure, I think most of the people discussing in this forum won't have parents. System is bad in way because women are forced sometimes into this. Reason, men have not been adhering to loyalty as their spouses did. There are exceptions too. But meager. Some where the system is screwed up. We shud try to mend it not throw it off completely.

Losing virginity and holding to it, does have a large implication in your life than people realize it has. I myself don't have a problem as of now when I talk about it. But I donno whether I can take the fact that someone else shared my place sometime before. In that case I would rather let my spouse be honest to from now on than to know his past.

According to me only outfits, lifestyle has changed. Not attitude and mentality. It's easy to break rules than to adhere to it. Hoping to see more views on this,


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after lot of pgites review.. i read "inscrutable americans" by anurag. Actually i did not find it very hilarious. Its a story of an indian who goes to america for studies. i mean we have seen enough and more of movies on this. Not a great book as i thot it to be. it would ve been hilarious in 90's(whn it was published):satisfie: .. not now!!
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sundar_cts Says
Oil from Plastic:satisfie:

too good to be true?? any ways of veryfying it.. calling pagals from nagpur!!

we have so many ambiguities whether BNA is a part of BIM or not! i dont think any of BIM students will be able to help u on that.. please do enough and more backgroud check before u join!... maybe u can ask someone there already... to be frank we actually have very less knowledge about it!


yikes!!! now you are scaring me...7 days a week..phew..i mean i know its gonna be tough but no time to breathe...well dude...the classes start from 3rd July...i really feel if you could post your experiences of your days at BIM it would make us aspire about the days to come after 3 months...

btw..thanks for all the time and effort you are taking to help us out...
and the name is Sravan...cheers...

dont worry about classes!! its all fun and u will get used to the schedule once u come here... i think u shud come and experience it rather than we telling us how its going to be.. as ash said wont spoil the fun... i can assure u that there is a lot in store..

meanwhile if u have a two wheeler with u, can bring it down here... because the college is 5 kms inside, from the main road...

we will be coming back on 5th to the college...

PC is a must and LAPPY is comfortable ! so u can decide according to ur budget constraints... i own a laptop and i would suggest the same.