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What does PoH stand for?
noma Says
Hey Sonmit CL-CP is indeed very good and it compares with TIME and these two are by far the best in Delhi.The backups are frequently available and the faculty is very cooperating.Join as early as possible so that your course gets finished off in time and you can revise,overall it's good.And by the way could give me some more heads up on Byju's classes i plan to join them but need to discuss a bit before

Byju's classes are conducted at St. Michael's school, pusa road. The batch which I took trials of had around 200 students and there are some guys at the back of the class who are there to clear ypur doubts after every session. The classes can be live as well as recorded. What else do you want to know?
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noma Says
Hey Im currently residing in Noida and had dropped a year off from my job to prepare for CAT but to my dismay im scoring poorly especially in QA/DI and had done coaching from CL-CP but somehow i'm not satisfied ,i practised a lot and i am regular in studies but may be not able to do sufficiently but anyways now the days is approaching and i have everything to lose here so i want to make my maths stronger ,please suggest i am even thinking of joining Byju classes but not sure how helpful they will be.Any suggestions please puys.

I'm doing B.Com(H) IIIyr from SRCC and I'm planning to join CL CP for CAT'12. Can you plz tell me how is the faculty and classes? Are backups easily available? You can join Byju's classes for Quant n DI....crash course is starting this weekend and it is very good if your basics are strong.
Hi Puys,
I am new to Pagalguy,however i have been reading lots of threads since couple of days.
What i have read in this thread is that, time or cl ,both are good in delhi at cp.
But i live in greater noida,as my college is here.So do guys know how is the faculty at TIME @ GREATER NOIDA.
If not,than does Noida Time offers weekend classes.
Last,how much is the fees of classroom program of Time ,Cl.:D

Time noida is good....this' what I've heard....don't know the fee struture though!
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Hi friends,

I have a small query. I have completed the correspondence couse of TIME for CAT. Please tell me which book is better for quant: arun sharma or nishit sinha.anybody who has studied both the books , please suggest. I have a good enough aptitude in quant and am able to score a percentile above 95 in aimcats. Please let me know if u guys would suggest any other book which is better than the 2 above.
Request u all for a prompt reply.

Wha is the "correspondence" course of Time??
M doing engineering buddy. Since u r a bit weak in maths i'l suggest u to join TIMES,CL OR IMS whichever is best in Delhi. But i wont suggest u to go for BYJU reason ive mentioned earlier. U can later join Byju for a crash course so tat u dont miss out on few tricks n shortcuts.

Would it be fine if I do the course material of TIME or CL on my own and join Byju for 1 year course?? Please feel free to express your opinions and suggestions...
Join Career Launcher coupled with test series of TIME .. It shall help you !!

Again Career Launcher is more suitable for you if you are preparing for the first time But, do subscribe to TIME test series as well as it is helpful. Also, do thorough analysis of the mocks you solve and the sectional tests you take on websites of CL and TIME after enrolling.

Do not worry, there is nothing in the study material which one cannot pick up. Just go through the material, ask all the doubts you come across from the faculties there in coaching and your friends who are good enough to help you. You can also post your queries on relevant threads in PG to get them resolved by fellow puys.

As far as right time is concerned, there is no definite time which can be called appropiate .. it is just that if you are starting from now, then do sustain your passion and dedication for CAT for 2 years atleast till the exam happens.. as sometimes, people are not able to sustain it.

Rest shall be ok ..

All the best to all

Which institute provides individual attention to students for queries and basics in maths among TIME or CL or Byju?
Just to clear something.....if u r preparing for CAT for the 1st tym dont go for byju. Being a student of BYJU myself I can tell u Byju doesnt focus much on basics. U need to know traditional approach as well. If u r having engineering background you can deal with it . Byju is excellent if u r thorough with the basics...last bt not the least take ur decisions wisely.
Disclaimer - These are my personal views and not intended to offend any institute.
ATB puys

Can u plz tell me which background are you from? I am doing B.Com from SRCC,3rd year and I want to join weekend batch for CAT'12. I live in Delhi and I was considering to join Byju, CL or TIME (in order of preference). My maths is weak...could you plz suggest which institute to go for CAT along with the specific branch, if possible. I haven't taken any coaching so far.
Could you plz suggest which institute would be best to prepare for CAT and other MBA entrances? I want to focus majorly on Quant and DI because I am a bit weak in maths. I want to prepare for CAT'12 and I am doing B.Com from SRCC, 3rd year.