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not sure what happened to old delhi thread. But Pgites were working quite actively with Udayan in Lajpat nagar. They used to visit every sunday as i remember.
Anywayz, with NCR, NGO won't be a problem. There are loads for every issue.
In case, anyone is interested in Noida, please let me know, I'm planning to start by visiting an orphanage every sunday and then extend further.

Hey Guys,

Just dropping by in PG after a long time.
Sad to read about Kids losing interest like this.
Best of luck with scouting for NGO's.
Does anyone still have the number of that platform kids NGO that me and Binoy had visited?? You guys can probably start there.

Anywayz.. Blog is so outdated :sad:

Me starting wd some stuff in Noida now.. so ll drop by aftr few months again

Those who are looking for Cheaper hard copy of OG 11 can ask arnd frm Jawahar book Depot near JNU.
I got mine (photostated copy, of course) for 600/- which is much bttr than 1800/-

Anywayz me also targetting July 07 for taking Gmat. Lets hope i do start studying in time

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A wizard of Earthsea - Ursula Le Guin

I liked it better than HP and LOTR. I thought better than HP coz it was a bit darker and better that LOTR coz of it's length ( am a lazy reader ).

Try David Eddings, David Gemmell (personally i liked only 2 of his books)...
Ursula LeGuin is no doubt very good...
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Me visitin after looong looong time...
So guys.. did u all meet.. wt happened??

Btw.. Nikhil.. how about updatin ehsaas blog with Ravi's updates or anything else you guys have been upto??

Miss ya all (the ones i know ;)) ... tk care

Fianlly, I strongly believe, that reading one " Cosmos" or " Story of Philosophy" or "Sophie's World" does more good to you than an entire shop full of Alchemists.

Sophie's world n cosmos. cant comment.. Both r peering down frm my bookrack.. looks lk i need to pick them soon..
But yes.. agree about Story of Philosophy... Much better than all these so-called inspiring books
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me startin 1-6 again frm today

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Ranjitha Says
I quite liked that one. But it seemed very Catcher-in-the-Rye-ish. Don't know if that was intentional or unintentional, though.

So i wasn't the only one to think so.. i was remembering catcher-in-rye throughout this book and i don't even like it so much...
but i did enjoy reading vernon-little-god... much better than most books comin out these days...
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Niks, ur acc no???
dun ya want moeny frm me??
Nice thread to vent out frustations of last one yr... worst location to be in on weekends or in evngs..

luckily no more goin to hinjewadi now :)
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