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hi puys,
CAT 2009 is finally out of the bag and many of aspirants have already started preparing for CAT 2010.
many are contemplating to start preparations.
this thread would hopefully serve the working professionals and their queries...
whatever it may be :- preparations, work related or any other...

so lets come and start the journey for CAT 2010.
i would try my best to answer your queries as soon as i can.

here are some links for the older threads for working professionals.

here are some links to the useful articles posted by me on this very forum.

HI, I have lot of cat related study material.I am currently in Hybd.
**I have complete TIME material, career launcher, arun sharma ( quant, DI, Vocab), a good collection of prev years papers, CBSE maths books, Cat prep software CD, and more than 250 MB of various CAT material.but plz give me some more detail about the cat well read it all those liks its good thanks for ur helpful informaton....
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Other exam preparation services may offer sample notes of only a chapter or two. AnalystNotes is different. As proof of our commitment and to demonstrate our confidence in our study system, you are granted full, online access to the entire set of CFA study notes and all practice questions even before you make a purchase, with absolutely no hassles!

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When I was preparing for my GMAT, my biggest issue was with the critical reasoning section. I learnt how to handle the section through trial and error -it's not easy, but it can be done. I am listing out some of the basic rules which helped me a lot. Hope it helps!

And the question is..

The critical reasoning GMAT critical reasoning section tests your ability to logically evaluate and manipulate text based logical arguments. The section makes up about one third of the verbal section - roughly 13 of 41 questions. The English level of this section is advanced so be prepared for tough vocabulary and complex sentences at all three levels in the: opening text, assigned task and the answer choices.