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Hi guys ,
I saw today the new COCA-COLA add featuring AAMIR KHAN. It was fantastic thande ka tadka.

Hey guyz i got the mail frm IIMM today. In which they hv mentioned about the service tax. Those who hv deposited b4 17th april will hv to pay 10.2 % service tax n those who hv paid after 17th april will hv to pay 12.24 % sevice tax.
It goes like dis
9.Government of India has directed that, students studying in
autonomous management institutes not affiliated to AICTE should pay service tax
at the prevailing rates on the fee paid to the Institute. The service
tax at the rate of 10.2% for the amount already paid upto 17 Apr 2006
works out to be Rs.10,200/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Two hundred only) which
is required to be paid by you. In this connection, we feel that the
caution money of Rs.10,000/- paid by you can be adjusted against the
service tax now payable by you on Rs.1,00,000/- paid as tuition fee to us
so that the financial burden on your parents can be minimized for the
time being. The remaining Rs.200/- should be remitted through a bank
draft drawn in favour of Sri Balaji Society Service Tax Account
immediately. The balance of service tax on the balance of fees, that is,
Rs.50, 000/- will be at the rate of 12.24% and works out to be Rs.6,120/-
which may be remitted later on when the second installment is due to be
paid. A separate bank draft for the service tax is required to be drawn
in the name of Sri Balaji Society Service Tax Account for Rs.6,120/-
at that stage.

Service Tax for those who are yet to pay the 1st installment of Course

10.Those students who have been granted admission recently and are yet
to remit the 1st installment of course fee Rs.1,00,000/- should note
that the service tax in their case is 12.24% and hence the amount payable
as service tax by them will be Rs.12,240/-. They should now remit
Rs.12,240/- as service tax through a separate bank draft drawn in favour of
Sri Balaji Society Service Tax Account and the same should be
forwarded along with the 1st installment of course fee in case not remitted
already. The rate of 12.24% will be applicable to all the future
payments. However, as mentioned in para 9 above, caution money will not now
be required to be remitted as the same is proposed to be adjusted
against service tax. You may make corrections in the form to be submitted to
us while paying your fees.

Hey guys wats ur take on it.

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Hi gaurav,
U r doin gr8 work dude out here.

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hey guys,
Guess wat,those mother fu*@#$@ have lost my form,can u believe that?
I wasnt conviencd that I didnt make it,so on sat,I went down to the college and asked for my marks,they made me wait for the whole day,I went back on sunday,but no joy.
I went again 2day and spoke to biju pillai,who is incharge of admission n can u believe what he told me,They tell me that my registration form isnt tracable,it is not there in the selected,rejected n wait list.
I really lost my temper and asked him how could they do that,how could they play around wih some1 career that way?
I showed him my certificates,my work exp,sal etc ,then he said,n I quote"Right now there isnt much that I can do,since we have sent out the admission letters,however since the 8 of may is the last day for paying the fees,meet me on the 10 n we will work sumthin out."...whatver that meant...
this is disgusting ppl,for those of u who think I am makin this up,u can ask Niket_nike,he was with me in the campus on saturday n that is when we spoke to a couple of ppl on sat for around 2 hrs,guys in charge of admissions n placements nd from what we could gather,ICIB,ICTM,ICMHRD r just not worth it.
U will end up with very measley salaries if u r manage to get placed,that is.
The guys who got 8.1 got it thru his own contacts n not thru the collge n the college is bloating up figures,
They also told us that please do not join ICIB,ICMHRD or ICTM,u gonna end up screwing up ur career,its just worth not spending money on these colleges
IIMM freshers batch is good,IIMM executive batch is excellent,ppl in this batch have already got pre placement offers,well b4 their summers!!!
I wonder why Niket_nike did not post this.
I always knew that IIMM is the best of the lot,but I didnt know that the others r so very bad.
Guys,I really advise u to think twice b4 taking admission into ICTM,ICMHRD n ICIB,if u dont trust me,go down to the college n speak to ppl from the placements comittee for ICIB,ICMHRD n ICTM n u will know the real picture.
One more thing,a lot of discrimination happens during placements,the best companies pick up only from IIMM,the remaining ones pick up from ICIB,ICMHRD n ICTM.Companies r just not willing to recruit from the other balaji colleges.
I am sorry to post all this,but some1 had to tell u this,ppl please think twice b4 getting into the other 3 colleges,u will end up screwing up ur career.
I will still take IIMM exe i offered to me in may when I meet biju,but not the others,Ive been there 4 3 days now,I have got a very clear picture of all the colleges.
I have said whatever I had 2,rest is upto ya ppl....Mitin,thanks mate,if it wasnt for u not taking admission,I wouldnt have even thought abt going to IIMM on sat,Kavisha,a big thanks to u 2,sweety.

Hi franki ,
I accept ur anger against the IIMM authorities? You r true in sense butby saying against any institution on PG is banned , as it may hurt the feelings of students taking admissions in the sister concerns of the IIMM. As many hv already deposited their fees n 4 many students the last date of withdrawing has also gone. So they will not feel good when they read ur statements regarding the sister concerns of IIMM.
Plz stay away frm making any derogatory remarks about the sister concerns,
let the students who hv taken admission there alone judge about it.
Plz dont mind what ever i hv written , as i am in total congruence wid ur feelings regarding the authorities of IIMM.
But i also want tht those who hv taken admission n dreaming about there, not to shatter their feelings n dreamz.
I hope u will understand me.
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hi iimm, icib, ictm, ichmrd ppl,
the online get together timings are changed from 10 PM to 9 PM and we ll do conference in yahoo. u can add indu_2k1 or raman_manaise for that.
take care

Ok indu ,
Looking 4ward 4 the online meet.
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prostuff Says
i find the sprite ads pretty creativity...they only take a dig at the other drinks......sprite should come out with something of their own for a change!!!!!

I agree with u tht they onlt take dig at the pepsi but amongst all the cola adds , sprite adds r more funy n sarcastic.
AAJ TAK pe to pura prog. dikhaya tha" Thandi Hui Mallika" Howz tht?
They hv come uo wid new Bottle hving the figure of women, tht will be a gr8 exp. 4 7up lovers.
budy u forgot to mention the edition i guess there there are 12 editions avilable ......i hav d 11th one which 1 ru having?
n i'm already done wit my assignment prepared it in a pdf format......wud gt d print outs in pune itself.......
wats up wit other guys has ny1 finished d work lets share wat we hav done .......will upload d link for it if i get positive replies from oder members.........k tak care ....cherzzzzzz


Hi gagaz,
I am having the 12e edition of tht book. Tht's gr8u hv done ur HW. I hv still to make notes thpugh i hvread 3 chapters.
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Hey guys,
I like d tht LG Rangeela Add of colored mob. phone. Having the bf n gf in a car n suddenly the phone rings................
Tht was some stuff.

hi frends..
can any body please tell me which marketing book we have to buy? philip cotler has many books and i am not able to decide which is the book for us.
kindly help..
i hope u ppl r doing ur home work thing. i am totally unaware of how to start. have just finished off with my grad.. help me frends...

:rolleyes: :confused:

Hi akansha ,
The book u hv to puchase is Marketing Management by Kotler.
Dont be nervous abt HW. Just chill n relax. U just hv to read first 6 chaps of tht book. I dont think its a big deal.
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I think the advertising teams r not able to use the proper talent of the stars of bollywood , apart from 1-2 adds , all of the adds featuring the stars r crap. I wonder where does the creativity of the gr8 Ad- Gurus goes while handling the stars. Instead they handle little children n non stars pretty well
and create fantastic adds.