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its written on the site that results are expected by 4th may..

could anyone provide the link for the facebook group..the one i joined..i havnt got confirmed yet..i hope its the correct one..i got the link from some earlier post on this thread..

9932019379 Says
join the group in FB to know more of your batch mates. There are many people who have responded and will be joining PGDM IT.

could you provide the link?

hi all.. anyone selected for pgdm (IT) ?? would like to about some...cant find anyone here who has got into IT..

hey thanks .. works fine now!!
@tamannawishes and @sonamgupta810 :: Have you'll prepared the DD ?? also any clue about whether some confirmation letter needs to be given? i mean just sending a DD as it is would not serve the purpose right! hence curious.. lemme know if u get some info this..
Other than that - congrats on IMT G to you !! see you soon!! :)

sorry for the late reply !! .. ya congrats to you too for the call
vinaynrs Says
I agree this group is not accessible..seniors please update..

its working..

Hi seniors, i want to know about how the

subjects are taken up by you all in the

second yr..i mean..the faculty for the

electives which are mentioned in the

brochure, are they all

available or there are some standard

subjects out of which you all choose?..i

have been selected for IT,my second

preference after PGDM-gen,.so wanted

to know if i get upgraded to pgdm gen..can i then take some subjects from IT also as i have an interest in both IT and marketing subjects..and will the job after pgdm gen be pure marketing?

mbahereicome Says
Ha Ha...guys all are chances are over.............khwaja mere khwaja 92.50 pe IIT kanpur ka call dilaja......Seniors please give us the official cut off...kaaash cut of 92 ho jaye 93 ke jagah :-)

same here..i hope this last hope doesnt remain just a hope !!!!!!

hi, when did u appear 4 this nmat attempt..asking coz i got similar marks in other sections apart from quant...

QS: 88
LS: 60:-(
LR: 80
OA: 228

...was expecting least 20 more.....:-(
english ka panga to nahi hoga??

can anyone tell whether we can get our xat centre changed to a different city, by sending them a mail help..