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Hey I needed a little help from anytime student.. Could anyone please forward me the gd-pi briefcase they might have mailed you?

Hi ,

I need information regarding Appendix A which we need to bring . There is office seal at bottom of signature .Is it related to SIMS or its stamp of defense personnel. ??? Please help seniors ???

Office seal would be the seal of the unit your dad/mom is posted to.
rggn Says
Can any senior we have to wear a saree or business suit only(for female candidates)....

It's up to you. You can wear a saree or a business suit. Both are fine.
But mostly girls wear a business suit, as in formal shirt n trousers.
Hello everyone...i am following this page since a couple of days and am very thankful to everyone for sharing useful information.
i just have a single doubt , plzzz clarify..
do we need to produce our final yr exam appearing certificate at the time of gd & pi or at the time of admission....????

If you are currently in your final year, then yes you need to bring along an appearing certificate.

I forgot to mention, there will be a case study as well. Atleast there was last year. So its

- Director's Speech
- Essay Writing
- Case Study (Group discussion on the given case)
- Group Discussion on any topic
- Personal Interview

any alternative dress code or shud v purely stick to bussiness suit/saree

any lady seniors out there????

It is compulsory to stick to the given dress code
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Can anyone please tell me whether it's compulsory to get a gap certificate?

Hi Puys,

Can someone please resolve my query :

SIMS has asked us to get PPO(what exactly is that ?)
Can someone please clarify my doubt ?

Thanks in advance

It has something to do with your father/mother's pension.
can someone tell me about gd/pi format of sims in detail
waiting for reply

First there will be a speech by the director
Then a short essay writing for about 15 minutes, on an easy enough topic, so no need to worry about that much
Then the Group Discussion is held
Finally the personal interview