• Somoj Chowdhury
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Called IME office last week then they told to call on today.

I called today and the answered that "WE DON'T HAVE ANY UPDATES


what is the cancellation procedure and the refund rules?

Are you planning to withdraw?

Hi Seniors,

Please reply it's urgent..

I got the mail to be present in the counselling for the 2nd waitlist.

I am waitlisted at 256 for PGDM.

How are the chances for convert?

I saw an option to send the draft through post. If I send it via post then will that hamper the chances?

Please reply..

Livpool Says
I have got a mail to attend the counselling for second wait-list. There was a clause for outstation candidates to send the required documents/DD by post also. But i am not sure whether that clause applies to selected candidates only or waitlisted people also?

You are for PGDM or IB?

What is your waitlist rank?
parnomy: can we send the drafts through posts?????
or we have to report in person or any representative. mine in waitlist 245 in pgdm...

Did you get mail?
Need info on the number vacant seats in IB. My w/L number is 185. Was in 2nd w/l. That means if there are at least 5 vacant seats then a seat is sure for me. Rcvd the mail today. Need to arrange money for the draft.
Thanx in advance

When did you rcvd the mail?

What is the subject?

Are they sending mails to PGDM also? I heard 8 seats are vacant in PGDM.

Eagerly waiting for that..
I dont think you can do that moreover mess fee is not fixed, you get a monthly bill and while paying for each of your semester fee installments there are many formalities that are associated with it and have to be completed like registering for the semester, updating i-card for library and other facilities.

Hi Pankaj,

Send you a PM.

Can you please reply..


What is the latest status for PGDM w8lst movment?

When can we expct the second w8lst movement and till which rank it is expected to convert?


I've been in the counselling process yesterday. The wl of 240 is exhausted. Those having wl > 240 will have to wait for few more days. They can surely get the calls.


Thanks Ankit for the update.

Can you please throw some light on the next procedure?

By when we will get some update?

And how many seats are vacant as of now?


What is the last wl converted?

Is the first waitlist of 240 is exhausted?

What is the next step for second waitlist people?

Please reply..