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All the best puys

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Currently revisiting good ol' 'Malgudi Days'.

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
_(Click for full image)_ So this is it people, today is the Last Day that you will see PaGaLGuY in its current avatar. We transition to the new PaGaLGuY starting tomorrow afternoon (the article assumes you sleep til
S Chatterjee @somFrodo

(With a heavy heart) bidding adieu to good ol' PG! Hope even better experience with the new one!

HI Puys,

Read 'THE LAST LECTURE' and must say an amazing read.The line I liked most:-Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

And who haven't seen this yet, check it out
Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams - YouTube
Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Manoj Rana on graduation day_ Uttar Pradesh born Manoj Rana is not the predictable computer engineer who ended up doing an MBA. His reasons were slightly different. A dreadful fire in 2005 had rendered both of Mano
Punisher is back for 2014...:cheers:

Count me in as one of the aspirants...!!!

Welcome back, Punisher
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yesarpit Says
flattered by the speed of your reading....running like a rajdhani;)

:-P Thanks to the fact that there's not much on the work front right now. 'Kafka' book took about 2 weeks btw!

Last week completed 'Kafka on the shore' by Haruki Murakami - a quintessential page-turner, more so for those who love surrealism.
Then had some light reading - 'Dork' by Sidin Vadukut, a satirical take on mgmt. consulting profession.
Now'll start with another one by Murakami - The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

nupur1588 Says
Are there any P.G. Wodehouse fans out there??

Read too little to call myself a fan though, just started with 'Something Fresh'. Recommendations welcome.
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Hey Aritro, I wanted to tell yes.. close it .. the class is finalized anyway.. But was i wrong... I got a call from ISB yesterday evening .. I got into Mohali (was waitlisted) ..

Hi Puys,
3 attempts and 1 success at ISB PGP.
I have been admitted to ISB Mohali.Wanted to share my experience with ISB PGP selection process. ....

Awesome news!! Cheers! :cheers: