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I took a DD for 3.13L and sent it to tapmi. I had taken a xerox before sending it. When I looked at the xerox, the date column in the dd is blank. They have forgot to mention the date in the dd. I have sent the dd and other particulars already. Will it create any problem? Any bankers out here?

Check to the left of the Date column whether the date is printed or not. Sometimes due to printer alignment issues, the date often gets printed elsewhere on the DD, leaving the date column blank. In that case the receiving bank ppl are able to find the date and proceed with processing the draft without any issues.
Ideally NO bank will issue a draft without a date.
Jaiswal20 Says
WHat I did was scanned copy..n it was good enough..while joining u can get in original :)

That's a good option ... ! However as you said, in that case too we need to send the original sign once again while paying the 3.13 b4 16th May ...
som1 Says
Even I have the same situation as I stay more than 2000 km away from my parents ...

Finally connected to Admissions Office @ 0820 2701008 ... They said as of now (before April 23rd) send the initial acceptance WITHOUT parents' signature (If not possible to get their sign) But make sure to resend the initial acceptance letter ONCE AGAIN along with the final acceptance and payment (before May 16th) that time MANDATORILY WITH parents' sign on both Initial and Final Acceptance letters...

A Question for all.... Is parents' signature needed anywhere else other than the Annexure 4 (Initial Acceptance letter), Annexure 5 (Final Acceptance Letter) and Annexure 6c ?

In the acceptance letter,I have to have a signature of parent or guardian.I stay away from home.And I dont have any guardians here.What should I do??

Even I have the same situation as I stay more than 2000 km away from my parents ...

Converted TAPMI ... !!!

Congrats to all fellow call getters ! And Good luck to Wait listed folks !

The link looks quite "real" and says "Waitlisted Kindly await for further announcement"

The Admissions office said April 16th ... But just in case results have started coming, has anbody got any selection mails from TAPMI today ... ?

It's April 15 (and after as April 15 happens to be a Sunday) for sure as per the Admissions Office today ...

i didnt fill up the cmat percentile as v hvnt been givn 1 officially...did every1 do d same???
also,my online application form shows a CROSS against the "application form received" text.does dat mean my form hasnt been accepted?

Shows a cross for me too, but as per the IndiaPost website tracking it has been delivered. Guess the college is not updating the status of the applications.

Hi Puys ... ! I just went through the FB page

But could not see any activity .. ! looks like a closed group ... ! Can anyone share how to join the group ... ?

Hi Seniors,

I know it's too early to ask, but any idea by what date approx welingkar will start sending the calls for GD-PI?

Also it will be a great help, if you can post the link for thread for last year's GD-PI shortlist announcement and experiences.

Thanks in advance !!!