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Acutally, it's not true. Test scores carry a 40% weightage according to iim calcutta's selection process document.

But yes you are right. Once the candidates are selected for the interviews, then their scores (should i hope) become inconsequential and they are considered on par with all other interviewees.
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That's a real shocker to me. I think since IIMs are governed my Central Govt, they are forced to keep these cutoffs to show some transparency in the admission process. This is why they tend to over rely on test scores. Another reason could be that the admission committees are too busy/lazy to closely evaluate each and every NRI application. But I'd give them a benefit of doubt.

Whatever the reason might be, but paying $200 for application fees and getting this reason for rejection really sux. I don't understand why they charge so much if they are just going to filter applications based on test scores. This is especially true for IIM-A. I feel like they robbed my money. They took $100, looked at my 720 gmat score and sent me a rejection. How can they justify $100 application fees?


With a score of 760 in GMAT and excellent acads..didn't get a call from IIML for poor AWA
:snipersm:They said the cut-off was 60% for AWA.
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Thanks for your response. You really pointed out some valid topics, but I partly disagree with you. The part-time program will take me three year and is very close to full-time one at ucla in terms of coursework. Instead of all these courses studied in two years in a full-time program, I would be studying same courses in three years. I would get a same degree as full-time students get.

I agree with you that XL is an elite management institute. Perhaps not as much as IIM-ABC, but XL is greatly respect by people of Indian origin. This is exactly my point. People from other countries do not know about XL.

XL might have have maybe 1 docter, lawyer and an army officer in a class of 100, but a huge majority would be recent engineering graduates, who got admission because of their exceptional abilities of scoring well in entrance exams. I am skeptical that I would learn much from these fellows.

Thanks for brainstorming with me.



The choice u have to make also depends on how hard do u want to push yrself.. ?

A part-time course by its inherent nature is not going to match up to the rigour that u will have to undergo at XL... The learning , the torture, the pressure...will UCLA give u that ? it is good to have diversity in class.. lekin us cultural diversity ka kya ? .. how does diversity help in learning finanicial managment ?? and remember XL too has a fair share of docters, lawyers, Army captains and CAs... yeah it wont have musicians or ballerina dancers...but u will learn and learn well..

I dont know the scene of placements in the US.. but what i have heard is not that great.. us companies hesitant to take on indian talent.. A hazaar visa troubles..

people say IIMs and XLRI are big names in india .. i thinks thats wrong.. i think IIMs and XLRI are big names AMONG indians all across the world.. -wherever they are... u go to any indian manager working in any part of the world and tell him u are a XLRI guy.. u will get respect from that guy ..probably much more than saying USC ...The point is that these schools offer instant and global Branding... comparable to H/S/W...

lastly .. with economies not doing great - go where there is demand.. the demand for talent is in india and it is now.!!!

as far global ranking of IIMs is concerned.. this is what is going to happen- MDI has already gotten a AMBA accredition.. IIM A is getting one soon.. the AMBA,EQUIS and AACRA.,, (not sure of the last one)
These accreditions are a big thing for foreign rankings .. and since the IIMs come under the respected MHRD which wants a tender on replacing water coolers also!!.. these things take time...

so dont go by rankings.. cos thats not the true picture..

These are my probably incorrect and biased opinions.. but i thot u needed a undimplomatic answer..albeit biased..

@sonic.. keep the faith ..and dun worry .. i am sure all of us will be more than glad to help out in any way we can... and yeah .. u got age on your side.. and a great chance to spice up your extra-cirrics..
best of luck..

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Thanks for your inputs Avenkate. I really do want to come back to India, but I am exploring ways to get an MBA here in US and then move to India. Although it will be difficult initially to find a job in India, I will have a well recognized degree and a continuous work experience. However, after graduating from XL, I'll very easily get a good consultancy job, which I am aiming for.

We all know XLRI, and even many IIMs are not that well known outside India. I think the programs at USC or UCLA are exceptional. I'll get a great amount of global exposure. I don't see that happening at XLRI.

Correct me if i am missing something. But to me it comes down to:
quality of education v/s ease of finding job in India.


Hi nitin,

Your decision depends on your goals and motivation to do an mba...if you want to settle down in India and get a job there,an MBA in any of the tier 1 institutes which includes XLRI will give u that opportunity...the only difference between the placements of XL and IIM ABCL are the i-banks..for consulting/mktg XL is as good as the IIMs.If your primary motivation is not to go back to India and work while doing an MBA,the part time UCLA option is good.

And as Cancerian rightly pointed out (IIM A is the best ranked inst in India..but we know its world ranking...), opting for an MBA depends on your perspective at lookng at things and deciding what is best for my opinion would be that rather than focusing on the relative ranking etc,take a decision based on where you would like to be working 2 yrs down the line....
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Congratulations to all who got iim offers. I got dinged in all except XLRI and am not interested in iim-l, i or k. For me, it now a choice between a fulltime program at XLRI and part time programs as USC-Marshal or UCLA-Anderson. Both USC and UCLA have great part-time programs and are ranked 3 and 1 respectively according to Business Week.

I am thinking of refusing XL. I'd appreciate your inputs.


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I haven't received any email from iim-c. I guess, it mean a reject. Anyways, I'm just curious to know how much are the fees there? Please let me know.


Thats great. congratualtions to you and congratulations to everyone who made it to IIM.

I haven't made it to C but I have L, so I think I may join there.

Regards & Good Luck.
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JKumar10 Says
Goodluck to everyone!!

I just called IIM-C. I was told that we will be communicated by today (1st May) evening.

Good luck!:bigups:
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FYI: I sent an email to IIMC about admission results and got following reply, which looks like an automated response.

We appreciate your concern and sincerely regret for the delay in declaring the results.
As of now, we cannot give you even a tentative date for final results as a matter of policy. You are kindly aware of the situation under which we are compelled to postpone the declaration of results.
Kindly bear with us a few more days in this regard.

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IIM admission lists likely in first week of May- Education-Services-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

I'm gonna lose my admission deposits because of these people. I don't understand why they don't publish results for nri applicants, like IIML.

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djgmat Says
Anybody have any idea when IIMC is going to announce their result ?

According to this article, we should expect the results this week.
The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) Nation B-school first list ready, OBCs on next
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