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vishal167 Says
intaha ho gay intejaar ki aayi na kuch khabar mere yaar ki.

hey...all puys out there no way else except waiting fr the sms...i mean any website or list put out smwhere................plsssss...helppp
vishal167 Says
May I request everybody here to stop asking very precise qtns like abt R2 results why man why we will sail in now.

dear....sail in is fine...but we need to weigh other options before drowning in.....may be doesnt apply to you many other aspirants....
I saw this on the other ISB R1 Waitlist CO12 thread.

I called up ISB today...The adcom person said that the R2 results will be out on 15th or 16th but the R1 waitlisted people will get their result 1 or 2 weeks after that.

16th I will be definitely dead....

but what about the R2 waitlist...can sm1 pls update about it...

i have a biotech back ground with a bachelor in the same and a masters in bio info and then mba bio tech wid marketing specialization.I am working currently...for past 7 months...can someone advice me the prospects of an phd in marketing for pharma markets....

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