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Thanks! a Lot (Pyronite)

Yes it really solves my problem of the Calculator, so better 2 go for

But no help is coming my way in case of coaching centres for Ace & IQFI. Maybe, noone wants to comment.........but i think we should be willing 2 give feedback if anybody knows.

Thanks & Regards.


Hi! Shyam, Anil & Everyone

Thanks Anil 4 the Links provided.
It seems Shyam knows a lot about FRM.

Please help me with the feedback on Ace. How good r they , since they r too costly. Whether it is worth the money.

Secondly any inputs for IQFI, the people who are interested in joining IQFI. The idea is both of these go gradually.

Thanks & Regards.


Hello! Everybody,

I am new to PG. I have registered for FRM 2008. Have started with John C Hull & Core Readings on Fixed Income Mathematics.

I am also planning to join coaching centre in Mumbai. I am weighing the options between IQFI & Ace3 Levels.
Any feedback is welcome especially of Ace3levels since this is their second year. IQFI is in their first we dont know exactly still any suggestions.

Yes, please include me in the group for sharing the Bionic Turtle as well.

About Calculator pls suggest whether we should go for Plus or Professional.

Thanks & Regards.