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Go to this link - -:: Indira Institute of Management, Pune. ::-
Fees is mentioned there... :)
But they havent given their placement figures for past years...Can seniors give us some info on this as it will help in taking an informed decision ??
Another thing I would like to know is abt the bus service provided by them , how well it is ?

yes i read it in brochure, it was written transportation 6,000 a year. you may call college and confirm it

Is there anybody taken admission in Indira pgdm??

what is the dress code for girls?

vignesh07 Says
Its unpredictable.. As i said abv plcmnts vary frm 2.5 to 6..

6 was the maximum in whole Indira PGDM??
urja shrivastav Says
iimp nt gonna take nemore student now :/

Any seniors here from IIMP PGDM??
KalaJamun Says
For which college shall I opt for???


MBA - u only have IIMP.

PGDM - ISBS/IIMP. - whichever selects you
yes offcourse comapre it wid ur score u msut be weak thatswhy u r applying here comparing to IIM if like me average then college is far good.
only symbiosis (sibm,schmrd,siib)
pumba and imdr are above iimp

iimp=bimm=mitsob=isbm nande but all are better than singad if one wana seriously do mba/pgdm if wanna do fun then singad............. bimm kcuh nahi bas ek dikhawa hai ki its n brand bus they will keep u busy in school type assingments.....its totally depends upon u ki pune n mumbai ka faida kaise utha sakte as u will get vast opportunities

Are you from BIMM? i have heard they manage to have almost 95% placements!!!!!!!
vignesh07 Says
For yur Info IIMP is the oldest institute started in 1995 with MBA.. All the other institutes followed..

I know

Is there anybody taking admission in IIMP - PGDM or in ISBS this year?
hey plz don give wrong info
i went to the campus of indira
and found some info frm seniors
iimp is not oldest among them
it has been started in 2000 nly
and iimp iz famous for MBA(pune university)
if u wanna go for pgdm then join isbs is better as it is old and it is only for pgdm

Do they have different faculty and subjects in different colleges?
if subjects & faculty is same than nothing matters!
urja shrivastav Says
i too hv same doubt :/

So where will u be taking admission?

As far i have come to understand, they divide the students in A,B,C group from all four colleges, as per their academic performances and than all the placements helds under one building in ascending order.

So it hardly matters from which college you are if you r taking PGDM.

I came to know about this from pagalguy old forums
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rushabh62 Says
plz can anyone help me on 24th is the last date to get admission.....i want to knw wat is the avg placements and is job profile gud enough and do companies from mumbai cum for placemetns ??

I m also not confirm about avg placement, anyways i m taking admission in PGDM, IIMP.