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Hi All,

I had the following questions about the application - Can any of you please clarify ?

1. International Exposure
a. The questions asks to list the most significant experiences. Should the activity columns be descriptive ? or its just the short purpose of travel ?

b. Should I include countries I have visited for leisure (for just couple of weeks).

2. Languages
a. What should be entered for Means of Assessment for a national language which is different from my native language. ?

3. Academics
a. Should we include pre-degree / pre-university ?


Hello All -

Had a question on transcripts,

In case I am not able to get the official transcripts, would attested copies of mark sheets and degree certificate be enough ?. Apparently my university also just gives attested copies of mark sheets and certificates even if I get the transcripts from them.

Can anyone throw some light on this ?

Thanks !

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the info you guys have been providing on the forum. It has been a great help to get an insider view of PGPX and the application process.

My profile is as below,

10 years IT, 8 Years Intl exp, 5 yrs managerial experience, GMAT 730/5.0, ECA - moderate.

I am in final stages of submitting my application, but had few questions, it would be very helpful if you could answer these,

- Extra Curricular
1) I was an active member in college politics and coordinated campaigns. Would this count as an ECA ?. Unfortunately I don't have evidence to submit for this.

2) I have been assisting my father in his social work, especially in helping poor for studies and their other needs. But even for this I don't have any certificates as a proof. Should I write this in the app ?.

- Area of Expertise
3) Asks about General Management, Accounting, Finance etc - In my current role as a Senior Manager in IT, I am doing general management from my group's perceptive and takes care of the billing, budgeting, forecasting etc for the group. Does these count as a "Moderate" level of expertise in those areas or its applicable only to people who work in those industries ?. (for eg : does HRM apply only to a person working in HR or it can be applied to resource/people management an IT manager do)

4) Annual turnover - Is this the company's annual turnover or my project's ?

5) General question on the application form - some of the fields like "Activity", "Roles Played" etc are just small text boxes. So are we supposed to keep it short or descriptive ?.


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My profile : Indian/M/32/IT/9+ Ex/3.8 GPA. I haven't finalized on the schools yet. Thinking of applying to Insead, HEC, LBS....

suggestions ?.

Catcalll Says
guys i have heard that u get an easier paper abroad, is it true?:grin:

I wish All the best, if you are planning to verify it. :)

Cheers !!
Congrats SMATS2008, for the score!!

Had a query regarding OG. How much difference is there between OG10 and OG11 in terms of questions? I have OG10 and I wanted to know if it is worth buying OG11?


Thanks reachbinnie

OG 10 has more questions than OG 11. The question types are pretty much the same and there are few repetitions too. What I would suggest is if you are short of time, going for Manhattan/kaplan 800 will help you cover more types of questions than OG 11.

All the best with your prep,

Hey Sam,

First of all Congrats on getting 730 in let us know your profile and I would like to ask you only 1 question..Is coaching required to crack GMAT...


Thanks Kartik,

Regarding your question on coaching,

I did not take any coaching, so I am not sure how effective it is. From my experience - if you have good basics on verbal & math, you should be able to do a fine job with good practice.

But when you do self study, be sure to look for tactics & shortcuts for solving problems. There could n number of different ways to solve a problem, you should identify the easiest/fastest one. Coaching classes may help you here.

Cheers & All the best
wow sam....gr8 job...can u share ur views on how to increase speed and try to attempt all the questions...Also which schools are you looking forward to ?? As well let us know ur profile too....


Thanks Sajid,

Here is what I did to keep the timing,

* Kept track of time while solving the questions from the books. It gave me a rough idea on how much time I was taking for each question (also a split on various types of questions)

* Followed time for all practice tests. Some of the practice tests lets you pause the timer in between - don't do that.

* Don't get stuck on questions - if you are unable to find the answer, take an educated guess. Practice elimination techniques to improve accuracy of your guess. Finishing the test is more important compared to making few wrong guesses.

* Practice.......Practice.......Practice....... :)

Hope this helps.. All the best.


Hello all Pagals,
Phew ! Its finally over. Score : 730 (Q50, V39). I could have scored a little more on the verbal though :sad:.

Thanks guys for all the wonderful postings on this forum.

Summary on my prep.

I spent about 3 months for the preparation. Approx 1 - 2 hrs on weekdays and 4 - 5 hrs on weekends. That was the max time I could get because of a tight work schedule.

Books Used.

- OG 10
- OG 11
- Princeton Review
- Kaplan 800 score
- Manhattan Sentence Correction (the best book for SC)

The first 3 books easily got me in 650 - 700 range. But to break the 700 barrier, I had to look at more complex tactics like the ones in Kaplan 800 and Manhattan SC.

Practice Tests.

Kaplan - Not very useful - I felt that the questions were little off-topic. No harm in practicing if you have time

Princeton - Not the right one if you want to score 700+, but good for the basics

Manhanttan - Good for practicing, but the questions are lot more tougher/confusing than those in the actual GMAT.

GMATPrep - The alpha and the omega of GMAT :angel:. You can expect almost the same kind of questions in the actual GMAT. Practice.... Practice.... Practice... as many times as possible. Surprisingly I did not find many repetitions each time used it.

Another important point I learned on the way was to reason each answer in detail instead of just picking the best answer and jumping to the next question. Analyze the question properly and reason why you picked a particular answer. Think about variations of the same question. This will make your understanding of the concept clear and thorough.

All the best to all GMAT takers.


Is y an integer?

A.y3 is an integer
B.3y is an integer

need help in solving this...