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hi people

I have still not received my PFC material by post. I will be leaving this place on Saturday so if I dont get it by Friday, im doomed. I have emailed the college about this but no reply till now.

Seniors, could you please help out on this? What happens if the PFC material does not reach me by the time I leave? Forget studying, will I be given another set once I reach SPJ? Is anyone else in the same boat as me?

Please help !!

Does anyone have any idea by when we should finish the course on Financial Accounting ?

Also, no news of the PFC course material yet. Has anyone got theirs ?

anoop2612 Says
Hi all,I'm in a very dicey situation here...i saw the laptop and FC mails only today as i was a little busy with relieving formalities in my company. So i won't be able to get the DD reach SP by Tuesday. I can only get the draft tomorrow...Can someone help me? What am i to do now?Thanks,Anoop

I had mailed SPJ requesting them for some more time to send the DD. They replied back saying that I should email them a scanned copy of the confirmaiton form and the DD by 27th May and make sure that it actualyl reaches them by 29th. Very thoughtful of them to give us a little more time. Maybe you could talk to someone there over phone or email them with the same request.

Hope this helps.
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Finally some info about the PFC and laptops. Two issues however:

1. DDs for the laptops must reach them by 27th which really is to early, counting the Sunday in between. I have emailed the college authorities requesting for more time but there has been no reply till now. If others also feel that 4 days is really too short a time to make sure the money reaches them, we should email or call them about the same and see if they can extend the deadline by a few more days. Seniors.. can u help out on this?

2. PFC course material has not been delivered yet. At least I have not got it and being an engineering student, all subjects covered by the PFC are Greek and Latin to me. Any idea what exactly we are supposed to do ?

hi all,

i had emailed SPJ about the Pre Foundation Course study material. they have replied to it today saying that it has been dispatched yesterday and will reach me shortly. I guess this means the PFC has not started yesterday as originally scheduled.

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has anyone received any info / email about the PFC or the materials for it? the PFC is supposed to start tomorrow but no one seems to have got the course material or the mail giving instructions for it yet. Anyone getting any info of any sorts, please post it as soon as u can.


Do they provide bed n pillows in the hostel or should we bring our own ones. Also the mess fee is payable as an advance in the beginning of the year or is monthly payment ?

hi smrithi

just imagine if we had to bring our own beds to S P Jain !! my !! that would be one big hassle !! :poketoungeb: dont worry.. i had inquired about this and bed and pillows will be provided by the hostel. we need to bring our own pillow covers, bedsheets, etc. hope this clarifies ur doubt.
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@ Batch of 2008 - 10 : PGDM @ SPJIMR

hi everyone,
since we would be batchmates soon, i thought it would be good if we could get to know a little more about each other. i am uploading an excel sheet where we can put in our name, specialisation, place we are coming from and work ex. please do update it with ur data when u can so we can keep track of who is joining SPJ. i have already started with mine.

@ seniors..

can u give an idea about what kind of material wil be sent for the pre foundation course? also, could u suggest a few books which we could buy in the meantime and start reading to get familiar with concept which we have not had in our curriculum before but will need in MBA.. like for ex.. i have done B.Tech in Comp Sc and Economics, Accounting, etc.. are all Greek and Latin to me. could u suggest some basic books which can help us understand the fundamentals as 20th May is a long way off. Why waste time ?

Appreciate any help in this direction.

@ seniors

a lot of people have this query i believe and we r still not sure of the answer.

the letter from SPJ says students should be in strict formals always while in the college. but when i had been to SPJ for the interview, i saw most people in jeans and t-shirts. could u please clarify what kind of clothes we r expected to wear so that we can pack accordingly. also for occassions like CEO meet, etc. when im sure everyone is supposed to be in formals, for guys it will be suits i guess.. for girls, is it saree or western formals (business suit) are also allowed.

would appreciate the clarification.

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