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This is with reference to my application which is been waitlisted , I know so many people have been asking you the same question but i just wanted to know are there any chance of getting calls for interview.
And are any seats left in PMM
FYI:16757- PMM

Surrogate Marketing

Surrogate Marketing

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hey ppl ,

I dont know whether this is the right forum to Address this question .

I wanted to know is there any format for Error Log, If yes please post it or mail it across to my email id




I have two years of work ex and have 520 GMAT, I am planning to give my GMAT again in Nov.

I have Two questions

1) What is the average pay in marketing with two years work ex

2) When is the last date to apply



Hi Rutty,
Thank you for the prompt reply,
I have given a my brief profile below:
Total Work Ex. 2.1 years
Family Business: 1 year
Hutch: 3 months
Times of India Marketing: 10 months till date
10th :77%
12th :56% : 63%
I know my acads are not great but, I know I cant change what went wrong but I know how important it is now.
I just wanted to know your feedback on my profile.
Hi Rutty ,
I have applied for SP Jain Dubai Singapore Jan 2008 intake, I have been waitlisted.
Please can I know what are the chances for an Interview call and in how many days will I know that my application has been accepted or rejected.

Hi thoes who got through , was any 1 was from the 3 o clock 1st oct batch ?

n 1 more thing does it mean that the selection from the 1st oct batch r over or they make take more ..

reply asp

Hi guys .. thoes who got admited ... did u get the call letter by post or e-mail ...or both :wow: