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All those who have already joined,please post in the life at mdi thread
eagerly waiting for your responses!!


kisiko final admit list 800 ke paar jaane ki umeed hai bhai log??

yeah exactly..whats the point in not releasing the list??

seriously yaar its been long now. Cant wait more. Want the final verdict now.

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were the hr and im convertees also required to pay the fee for upgradation last year??

arre bhai..isnt it possible that ppl from 1st list withdrew after they got admission elsewhere??

exactly..." We are waiting for people to withdraw their drafts " no way does that mean "they have received more drafts than seats" as said by you in your previous post

yaar..but i cant think of any other reason why they arent declaring the 2nd list
regarding the iimi withdrawals, they can always be taken care of in the next lists and am sure this scenario must have been in previous years too(when the list came out on time)

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arre can this happen..?? ab tak to history me kabhi nahi hua..:((

kya yaar.. meri baari me ye sab cheezen kyun hoti hain>>:(

i feel that most of the waitlist movement would take place in the end as those who dont want hr and im would not withdraw before 19th june(thinking that they might be upgraded)
and incase this happens it would be very difficult to resign and join within 1 week time(or even less)

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the form does not tell whether the waitlisters would join hr and im too..
would be better if thet too cud be added..!!

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