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Hello Friends!

I am contemplating on taking my second chance at GMAT would luv to catch up with u guys. I had taken my first shot in 2004 while living in US and scored a 640. However I still got into UCLA's part-time program, thanks to my essays, work exp and reco's. Unfortunately due to a family emergency I had to drop out of the program and come back (remains one of my biggest regrets till today..).

Currently I have 13 yrs of exp and am 37 yrs of age. SO still wondering if I am too old for this game..

Either way, whether I am taking it or not, I would be more than happy to help you guys out with my 2 cents on what works in the whole b-school admission process.

Good Luck.


Hello Prasanna&Suresh;!

I m interested in meeting up to be part of the study group for my second GMAT attempt (the first one given in 2004).

I have close to 14 years of experience in IT(8 years in US), a masters from US and a one-quarter pursuit of MBA at UCLA. Yupp! u read that right. I had got into UCLA's part-time mba program and finished a quarter before having to drop everything and come back due to a family emergency back home. I was hoping to go back in a year and even got a defer. well...that never happened. Now I feel like giving it a second shot and also aiming for full-time program as that would enable a career-switch. Being in the same boat as prasanna (kids and family) I feel like i need some assistance in order to keep my motivation up and my preparation on track. I will probably go check out manhattan review.

In the meantime I am looking for a study group and would love to meet you folks and chat up things. Is your proposed meeting still ON? let me know.