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cool .. nice intiative ...

Name: Arjun Prasad
B-School: XLRI (BM)
Specialization: General Mgmt

heeyyy u i got the phonecall 30 mins back..i HAVE CONVERTED WL 54! ... beware XLRI ...the assassin is here :D
am editting it...JUST GOT THE MAIL TOO

congrats buddy.. so coool..

@others.... who are eager to know abt this interesting guy , please go to XL community in orkut .. he has posted a msg there.. :)

also we can know how many ppl are actually following this thread...( no of followers of this thread = no of THANKS to silent_assassin .. )
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king_arthur Says
A question for those who transferred the amount by RTGS : In how many days did the receipt frm XL reach u, if they sent u one?? I tried calling the adm office abt it bt no one's picking up.

i got mine in aroud 10days.. infact that time they started dispatching acknowledgements only after a certain date to everybody.. but your case(W/L) is diffrent , they may also send it immediately..

like you are doing , you can get the confirmation by calling them.. i did the same..
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an_enigma Says
hi... is there anyone who wud be traveling to jampot from chennai??

hey , check in orkut community.. you will get required response there..
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rajdeepju Says
i am not very clear on this loan process..i just want to know whether the first installment ,if i pay from my pocket, will i get it back from the bank once i apply for the loan or the loan will cover the remaining amount?

u'll get it back if u pay the 1st term fee on your own..
rajdeepju Says
puys, can u let me know how to apply for the SBI edu loan... should i first make the payment and then approach for the loan or can i get it done while paying the first installment..

dude , first of all congrats for making to XL... u brought so much relief to fellow w/l ers..

@loan ...XL gives time to those who wants to pay through loan amount.. but u should first get the confirmation from them over phone.. however still i suggest u to pay the 1st term fee from u'r pocket and then avail the loan from SBI-XLRI ...

u can take scholar loan from any SBI branch.. but the duration of processing of loan is different from branch to takes hardly 3 to 4 working days to get loan sanctioned from SBI-XLRI...(with conditions apply) and to receive first cheque....

(1) You should be ready with all the docs required for loan process..
(2) But you need to make 2 appearances to SBI-XLRI along with our co-borrower(parent/guardian)..
(3) and both the times co-borrower's presence is needed.
(4) You can right away go to jampshedpur and can initiate the loan process and can get it ..

************Documents required*********************
(i) Two self attested photographs of parents/student.
(ii) All your certificates showing educational qualifications, offer letter from XLRI,Identification and address proof of student and parent/guardian & fee schedule.Please bring self attested photocopies of all the documents for verification along with the original.
(iii) Statement of present bank account of candidate/guardian.
(iv) Once we complete all the formalities over here you will have to visit our specialized loan processing cell(RACPC) located at 2nd floor,SBI main branch building at Bistupur,Jamshedpur.
Salient features of the SBISCHOLAR LOAN are as under : -

(i)You will get the loan facility from our branch upto your requirements,max amount is 10 lakh,without any collateral.
(i) There would not be any requirements for guarantor also.
(ii) There would be a margin of only 5% against the loan.
(iii) If you have already paid the first installment ,we will also reimburse this fee paid.
(iv) The current rate of intt.charged on the scholar loan is 10.25%
(v) LAPTOP can also be financed within the overall loan limit.
(vi) The repayment period is 5 - 7 years after completing the course.
(vii) When we receive your complete application,generally it would take 3-4 working days for processing/sanctioning of the loan at this branch.
(viii) The co borrower can only be parents.If they are unable to come,we can also send the documents to their place of residence for execution through local SBI offices
(ix) You will have to open a joint savings bank account with us .
(x) Three post dated cheques will also be required.
(xi) Please provide your cell no in the application form.

is it the normal one tht we get from the doctors stating tht the person doesnt suffer from any serious medical condition ??

@ batchmates : The call letter also says tht we need to get vaccinated for chickenpox and they need a proof of the medical certi and vaccination are the only things we need to arrange, right ??

yes , you are right.. we need
(1) a general fitness certificate , ( can get it from any govt doc or private practioner )
(2) vaccination proof for chicken pox ...
as the document clealy says .. the reports will be helpful for physicians in times of emergency or in need.. so u can carry other reports as well , if you have such ... (includes operations , major diseases u got recently)..
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shaoni_88 Says
Got the much awaited call guys!!!! cant believe how happy i am...

congrats buddy...
plz mention your W/L status and also Prog.. so that ppl can track the status..
If they allready know it.. then ignore this post..
Hey one more urgent doubt.
Is it fine if i transfer money by RTGS using my Indian Overseas Bank account to the XLRI bank account in HDFC bank.
Or is it necessary for me to use an HDFC bank account to make the transfer, as it is mentioned many times payment "through HDFC bank" and also in the declaration form the HDFC branch name is asked for, and if i am not using HDFC bank but IOB bank what should i fill in that space. Tried calling admission office but unable 2 reach them.
Please reply at the earliest. Thanks

Dude ,
you can do that from any bank ..which has RTGS facility.. either directly from your a/c(online banking)... or you can go to some bank and ask them to do ....

i did it form my citi bank a/c ... and few things to note while you do transfer is ..
(1) note down Transaction number.. it starts with BANK NAME ,followed by some number ... (EX: CITI1232312313) ... if it's not available wen u transfer , call bank ppl and get it..
(2) don't get confused with reference number generated wen u do transfer ..
(3) While you transfer the amount ..make sure you mention your XAT ID and name in comments or any available section..
(4) If the account is in your name , then it's well and good..
(coz i forgot to enter my XAT ID in hurry.. but luckily a/c is in my name.. so they could recognize easily wen i called them)
d_1 bro,

Doesn't matter whether I for 1 make it to XL this year but ur support to this thread has been amazing......I just wish that atleast u make it thru this year.would luv to have u as my classmate and with a person like u amidst us I think that I can never be down . Be it summers , placements or just plain quizzes .I know that this post is a bit off topic but had to post it either today or tomorrow to appreciate a sincere effort.

you are right man.. i'm following the thread since begining from sidelines , though posted quite a few times.. but today i have to post this to tell that " you guys simply great"
one thing i'm observing is , the hope , patience you guys are showing ..and mutual support , anaylysis on movements , gathering lot of facts.. it's really amazing .. i mean it..

really looking forward to meet you guys (d_1 , Mr.Kat , silent assasin , shadoowz , thetechgodajay , ankur , ashishgaurav , cool_crazy , mishra712 , rooneyevk , others ) .. ( btw we miss dj , nishantvdo ..who got into IIM )..