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Got an admit! No schol though

can't believe I got in on the first attempt at ISB. I've outdone myself

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Talli hai yeh zameen
Talli hai aasman
Sab talli hai yahaan
Mail aa bhi ja
Ab na tarsa
Jo bhi hoga I'm gonna take it, be it red or blue!

I have a Balmain

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Hi Skisb!


can you please share your profile and interview experience.

I have my interview on Feb 1st.


Hi Ganesh!

My Profile - NIT/E&C;/IT-male/720/7.9 yrs WE/decent acads/avg EC

Congrats on the Interview call.

I had a skype interview with Elisa. It was more of a discussion than an interview. She asked me about my current job profile and reasons for switching jobs (3 jumps). Why MBA, why Merage. She also asked about a professional setback and any feedback I got in my work experience, my leadership experiences etc etc. It was quite easy-going. Just be yourself and go with the flow. It will be fine.
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Max7654321 Says
Anybody is aplying in Merage this year????any update??

Yes I applied in the 2nd Round. Got an admit email just yesterday (with 44k scholarship)

Hi Sir,

I am applying in R2 for the 2013 PGP class. (by Nov 28th)

1. Could you please tell me what are the interview dates for R2 applicants.

2. Will interviews be conducted on the weekends of Christmas(24th/25th Dec) and New Year(31st Dec/1st Jan)