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hi ,
i am currently first year pumba student i am currently having 16 months work experience in IT company wipro i am almost finalized to take Finanace as my major and IT as minor ..>Now considering my relevant work experience in IT and industry and my liking to the technology field and liking of IT culture i want to do my next job in IT industry only...

can u pls guide me as to what thing i shld do as a prerequisite for my entry in IT field..again ..some where in posts i read abt the certification can u pls help me out with it...
also one more thing pls clear me whether systems is the only thing that is required to enter in IT field or Even finance people can also take roles in IT industry..

pls help guys bye.

yes after 16 months of work exp in IT, and you want to come back to IT, no one can stop you, even if you do a MBA in HR (hmm kidding). But yeah, there is no pre-requisite for sitting for a IT company in my opinion. Every one is elgible, because the roles are generalistic. However, if you want to join as Business Analyst in BFSI domain, then it adds advantage if you have studied, few banking, insurance or related subjects. If you want to join the ERP space, you can take up modules based on your comfort areas ( usually coincides with your specialization). ERP has places for all specializations.. Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations. So you can take shelter here. Other prospects are Pre-Sales, IT Marketing, etc etc.

Hope it helps.

Siva Ram
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Thanks for nice suggestions

i have a query for you ..
I am working in IT, and having 2 yer of exp. I am planing my mba this year
i am working on Oracle Applications.what will be your suggestions on the specialization if i want to my role as Consultant (ERP) in IT Sector, Operation ,systems or Finance ,as ERP package do have modules on these.

i mean what specialization should someone prefer for Consultant which can be helpful while switching your modules .

hey I can give only indicators, as no one can predict what the market demands are at the time of you sitting for placements.

As far as my understanding of the ERP space ( after 4 yrs in consulting here), it does not really matter what specialization you had in ur 2 years of MBA. Its no real BIG DEAL ( atleast if I am recruiting MBA's)

But yeah, certain modules like FICO, or Financials beg the basic need of understanding of ledgers, accruals accounting fundamentals... or something like in Operations beg the need for basic fundamentals.

Its only that people who studied finance try to feel comfortable in FICO modules of SAP, but trust SD is no different or tuff or not something you can freshly start. After an MBA every one, can have the basic sense of what is distribution, retailing, sales channel. Aint true?

If you are a hard core operations management guy and things like shop floor, assembly line etc etc excite you more than Market Research, Consumer Behaviour analysis, then you can make definitive choices of Operations in your 2 yr MBA. When you pick your ERP module, you can choose the needful accordingly.

But if you are like the normal guy who is not actually clear, what you are good at before the start of the course...MBA.. you can still figure it out during the course. Read upon those subjects, nothing stops us right in getting more knowledgable on issues which interest us.

So when you sit for your interview, or when the discussions comes when you join your firm, about the module, they would give sufficient flexibility to know your comfort area and train you on that particular module. But as I said earlier, I am not sure trailing economy demands people to be well acquainted with Packages much before joining the companies..:-) this is something you can confirm with your seniors.

So... package consulting, does not limit you to one specific module, the day we are specialists in one module, expect an organic growth in that module, the day you make your learning curve steep in varied modules of ERP, you can expect yourself counting in the few blue eyed workforce.

Hope I have not deviated too much.

thanks for the reply, but i want to tell you that there is only one good college in my city and that too doesnot provide Dual specialization. it provides specialization in HR, Finance & Marketing. now i dont have option for IT also,

now what to do, whether take Marketing only, or change it to finance or HR

Pls Help

Dear Mahesh

If location as a constraint, is something you cannot skip ( I understand, its sometimes plays a vital role in what we decide), then you can go with Marketing and Finance or either of them. Not studying IT in your MBA does not rule out any chances to get into an IT consultant role. I also say to the extent that spending time reading SAP-CRM-ORACLE in the precious 2 yrs of MBA is only wasting golden opportunity. Typically to handle IT Consultant job ( Either Package Consultant like SAP, Oracle etc or Business Analyst - Telecom, Banking, Automobile etc), you need not learn these packages in your MBA curriculum. I some how cannot appreciate some one learning SAP over some Economics or Strategy Courses in the 2 yrs at B-Skool.

I have myself been in SAP Consulting in various modules for the last 4 years, and trust me I have never even touched or read about them during my PGDM at SCMHRD.

So, its just a fuss and tension many IT aspirants take trying to grab these package knowledge early in MBA.

But yeah , also look at other PG threads and try to seek advice from the present final year MBA grads, if in this trailing economic situation, are IT cos giving extra prefferences to people who have already had some reading experience on these packages. If so, I may stand corrected.

Hope this helps.

Siva Ram
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Got Shortlisted. Feeling elated right now....

SNAP Score: 87.75 Expected(100)

B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur

Extra Currics: Running into Pages

2.5 years of work experience.


Superb post - it really reminded me of some great times too - those hi-funda scorers in the past - da 100 percentilers -- Philip Jacob, Toby John n of course Keerthi Pendyal who is still on -- then the guys just behind --- Vibhavan, Tirthankar Dubey (how can anyone forget him !!!! --- the super math wizard - though he isnt around now), Anuj, Suhas Anand, ShrijitP (now this guy acc to me was the wizard of wizards - 1600/1600 in GRE and an IIMAian...) TheGodFather, dhruvbhushan (last years mocks blaster ), Chandoo, TheStiffMaester (or somethin like that - correct me on this one...SuzyQ (Verbal Queen 1 - how cud u guys fget her), and Shrutz (Verbal Queen 2), khotahimachali (bhai Puneet - kahaan ho? ) and of course Anupam, with vengeance all the way then come this years champs - Mehul Aggarwal, Kamal Chhabra, Anarchy etc etc... and the guys who have maintained it from long with some awesome scores evrytime - TheConstantine (Ankit where are u pal? ), The Last D'Anconian (correct me on this one too) , Orca (gee how cud u guys fget him -- Kedar are u all bizyy at IIMK? ) Wayne - our very own MOD ... etc etc...

Some great people who have contributed a lot to PG - Gaurav200x with his amazing thread of materials, writetotanveer with his amazing thread of links, Oxymoron - who has always been there for the guidelines everywhere -- dont know if Oxy himself is Hitchhiker - who has so many threads on guidelines in PG, Aarav with his math fundae and Quant A Question A Day, Simba ,with the GMAT threads, Neha with her bag of Quant goodies, etc etc, and of course mannny more who were just viewers but have helped in making PG one of da best places to be at....

PG Rocks - netime !!

Can relate to every word u stuck there.... man.. its getting all nostalgic now.. it wud be great if ALLWYN writes something...

yeah the verbal and quant threads... and certainly i recollect all the names now... its getting in now for sure... used to read these guys posts so much that they have infludenced some thought processes in me for sure...

u guys recollect that YOUNG TURKS interview of our PG..


Siva Ram
P.S: it takes some time to get these funky icons in the post.. the young junta looks damm good at them...
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Okay !! We have the 2000posts membership club et all.

Here is a thread for all the oldies.

I am here. And would like to see who all is still around who came when PG was still a tiny force which was non-googleable and wouldnt turn up anything.

I know only Maverick and PG himself in this group who are still active.

Anyone else here ??


The definition here is anyone who joined before Dec 31st 2004 AND who are still active enough to check this thread. So I know many people who fall into this category but will refrain from putting their names unless they post on this thread
Pagalguy Sep 2002
Oxymoron Feb 2003
Zarine May 2003
Psychodementia Aug 2003
Indyan Aug 2003
Jackal Oct 2003
Murty001 Oct 2003
Apurv Dec 2003
eddy Jan 2004
MvB ACM No9 Feb 2004
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estranged_gnrs Dec 2004
thedragonreborn Dec 2004
Aspire Dec 2004


2002 -> RED
2003 -> BLUE
2004 -> GREEN

art of late realization... I joined Nov 2003... So looks like I walked quite some distance..

Feel so different when i se some 200 posts next to me... ...Have taken time to go thru whats happening in PG..

rem those days.. when we had this fake drama of a one person who si reportedly hacked the servers.. and every one who logged in saw their own name... some fancy coding..

and those.. sarcastic mails against Maverick.. Gyan by Godfather( i love reading his posts.. dont know where he is now).. and that particular thread Who is the Real PG.. with Allwyn foto...

and yeah first time call getters... Rohits 99+ percentile ( i recollect his scores, again no idea where is this guy).. Chandoo's ever chaging names.. be it Mango, Sambar...

alcatraz... drugballad( sandeep goyal, where r u buddy.. ur thermo here)... hawkeye...

ah ! i am slowly getting their names....

It wud be great if we cud discuss some famous threads and posts..!

Siva Ram
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Yes of course here you are the links...anyhting for the oldies also btw sending this thread link to oldies i know...have pinged Sivaram if you guys remember...Allwin Knows him must be Subbu.


Thanks Shankar .. for letting me know about this...

wah !... something so inexplicable.... I see the flashing adds, funky themese,, jazzy smiles.... feels like this is a new forum.... but yeah naaah... The Feeling of posting something in PG and sharing something with mates here is always FRESH and FRESH....

I recollect... Simba, Maverick, allwin, Subbu, FransecoCatie, psmith, Garuda, Chandoo, Godfather, Ankita Sood, Rohit, this psychomen**, Govar, Dhingra,Zombie... ah !.. so many of them are hitting my mind now in this exercise...

many more many more... its a sin if i dont recollect these people who helped me clear my b-skool interviews and papers...

thanks to all of them.. wherever u people are....

I walk around the cubes in my office.. and i see young bright engineers... glued to the screen which flashes the traditional colour of our forum,.... I smile to myself... Yeah..! thos days those days!....

Thanks PG... Thanks Community... and a lot of wishes to all those who are running the show now here... ( eeh ! sounds like taking a oscar for the best old actor.. of 40's.. :P)

Siva Ram
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SNAP     SNAP-2005
Well Well Well Guys ,,,,

I guess u r jumping the gun a bit too soon ..At tthis point of time all u ned to do is apply for the SNAP and at the same time keep yr scores that u land up there ..

As a Symby grad and over a period of time what i have seen the symby grads do the colleges would be ranked as follows..

SCMHRD & SIBM would be alomost at the same level ...,,,,SIBM has a wonderful Alumni network but is facing a bit of infrastructure constraints (which will go next year ......HRD has too dynamic a diro and is always doin something ........

Then would be SIIB and SIMS ....both in some way or the other haing some entry barriers ........SIIB is Intl busineess which would not be everybods choice and SIMS is for Defence guys ......

The SITM .....Niche course but than having a galnce at the way industry is poised today i will keep recruiting people for the next 20-30 years ....but the question to ask here is ...Do u actually need to go to SITM to join Telecom industry ..??????

Then SCIT ....i guess this is the advanced version of an Engineer....these guys make greta techies ...but then becoming one is not the idea isnt it .....Placememnst is alsoa question mark

Now SICSR.........really have no clue as to what they do .......

Last of all the new kids on the block.....

SIG:Symby inst of geo informatics ..........
SIOM:Symby inst of operation mgmt(Erst while SCMHRD Nashik)

The above two would taker time to seetle down ...
so all in all this would be my bet


Any queries pls dont hesitate ......

till then pray for liverpool ........

You last molecule....
i find ur analysis nice man...good...guys i fully support what this guys says.....but still cant agree and digest the fact that the students of SCMHRD are placed at par with SIBm..
tRUST ME IAM NO BRAGGING... SCMHRD students are way way ahead in quality, work-ex, profiles,,,,,
many common profs...emphaissed the same....anyways..
It is just a matter of time SCMHRD will be in the consideration set of a aspiranst mind.....

Lots of suprises are there this year from SCMHRD....just check......foreign univs, campus expansions, new courses, new admission processs.....
just keep a check so that u donot miss out ,,and just follow the odl methods..keep a track of the paper ads...

Siva Ram
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hey guys..first of all...kudos to the werewolf,flying colours,karthik..etc etc..for the info put up..
Ya myself an MBA Fin student in SCMHRD..completed my summers at RBI...just got a few comments to make..
CFA Insty is the best and highly rated...though ICFAI CFA is well talke off even in RBI also..with many officers
In my batch most of the engrs are going for a simluataneous CFA and succefully completed 2-3 levels...
me stayed out of i found sense only in doing the AIMR thingie after my MBA...straight reasons..
1. cant invest more in mBA
2. Curiculum Stress so huge no time to cope with extra inputs...
3. learning the same course even in subjects liKE RISK mANAGEMENT AND OTHER IMPORTANT RELATED SUBJETCS ARE TAUGHT BY EXPERTS IN DETAIL IN MBA whats the use in paying ICFAI guys...i mean the lesser branded guys hefty amounts...(sorry to be harsh on this..)
4. U never know what is ur first job...ur passion may be investment banking but the compnay may not even come to pick rather be ready for it after 2-3 years and eneter in it with a bang...!
5. People from SCMHRD get recruited in JP CHase...and big time brokerages even without it is just a moving target for poeple to adavcne in their ambitions..
seriiously suggest every MBA Fin grad must get this one day...atleast in the first 4-5 yrs of work ex..
My Opinions may be false..innnocent...harsh...ignorant..But that doesnt stop me from sharing them..with the end of the day ALL I need is improvement..
thanking u..
Siva Ram

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nice to see u guys going thru the grind..
donot take it easy..the fact is the first few motnhs in ab-skool is charged up fpor every one..u get to listene to some abstract busineess deals....ight schedules...
the fosuc point is ..donot let the fire drop.....for it is easy in Symbito loose that with some tyranical rules and say"What the F$%^&"..donot get inot this cliched...mental state and start hating things around..
take care...35 CA's..that seems to eb challenge to even the best IIM's...our Finance Batch rocks...and the World will know How NOW>>>
Time for ACTION>>>>>>>
Dus Bahane Karke legaya Dil>>>>1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10>>>>>
PGDM 2 Batch 2006..