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Hi Guys,

This is Siva and this is my first post in PG.
I want to write my GMAT, but i don't have much idea about the general admission dates/months. If anyone could help me, I would like to know more on this. Also if there is anyone who is about to start their preparation, please let me know so that we can form a group if you guys are interested.


Hiiii All,

This is Siva. I'm from Hyderabad. I'm working with WIPRO since a year.
Read many posts yesterday about cracking CAT and the prep strategies and at last decided to decided to ENTER THE DRAGON (start the preparation seriously )
I have started it from today. If there is anyone around who has started their preparation recently pls reply so that we can share our ideas and motivate ourselves in going ahead and cracking the BIG NUT .....:snipersm: