@Pradeep786 said:
I called UCO, they said NO further waiting list....CBI aur IDBI ki jarur aayegi...CBI ki sayad 11 march ke baad aayegi..(extensions khatam ho jayege )..
UCO, will take from ibps-2 final list. Training centres are booked for the candidates.Training may commence from first or second week of April
@megha2012 said:
congrats......can u tell me last date of joining.......
28th January
@sassy2011 said:
@singh2189 bhai..posting kahan mila??
Bhai abhi to home state mein hi hoon and hopefully yahi pe mil sakti hai after training.Training centre yet to bhi decided by them.
@ajay22ba said:
congrats singh bhai ,,,,, can you tell me what score you got in ibps po first , I got 154 , and one more question i.e. how many people joined in uco on til last date 28th jan 2013. ??//Unfortunately I did not got selected though it was my first and only interview in ibps po first , is there any waiting list to be prepared in uco bank ?????????
My IBPS-1 SCORE : 161. People joined here In Rajasthan:
Jaipur: 52 out of 82
Ajmer 38 out of 39
Jodhpur 20 out of 22

P.S: There will be a waiting list soon :)
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@daddykool said:
All the best for your first day Tomorrow bro ...
Thank you, very much bro :)
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@alpajju said:
@singh2189 which bank r u joining????
The one which gave me opportunity first UCO BANK
@alpajju said:
any idea how many have joined uco and idbi bank????
UCO has asked asked to join on 28 Jan to all selected candidates, while IDBI is taking medicals at-present.
@zamorin_zombie said:
Hi.. I need some idea regarding IDBI bank.. quite in a dilemna of what to choose.. IDBI or Bank of India.. Pls give some insights!Also heard from some IDBI staff that it is going to get merged with Bank of Baroda.. is it true?? didnt find any such info in the net! She suggested to join BOI.. she herself is an AM in IDBI..Whereas, I was under the impression that IDBI pays off more or less equivalent to SBI.. though, workload may be high.. whatever so?If somebody has any good info on this, pls throw some light!

Salary:Look bro, IDBI no doubt pays better salary & in fact almost equivalent to SBI.

Work-culture: Till what i have come to know, IDBI stresses more on Marketing & maximum work is related to that only, I have asked this to many people & officials too. If U can work on Marketing, etc. then, U should surely, join IDBI, if not then BOI.

Merger:As, @Layman bhai already said, there are chances of merger, then yeah, IDBI will be merged with BOB which is very good bank. But, I think you should take decision looking the present seen also, so If work culture suits U then join it.

Postings:Most postings of IDBI will be in URBAN areas too, and they have asked preference for that too during PIs
@nehatripathi said:
@singh2189 where is the wait list ?
Check website.
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@sassy2011 said:
@singh2189 Central bank in south India and Uco in Max rural postings...u decide now
Bhai Central Bank south mein posting deta hai kya? Are U sure? Central bank has no bond,but I am thinking to join UCO.
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