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hi i am apu from kopar khairane , navi mumbai ...planning to give gmat in aug end
@Sachin Anand have you formed a GMAT group for navi mumbai?

Hey all.
me from navi mumbai too planning to give GMAT in last week of AUG..
working in IT.....(God this is crowded segment ! )

hey all me to from navi mumbai , I plan to start preping from 15 may ...
(have to finish few exam before that)
gr8 to see mumbairkars on one thread

3 attempts @ ...enough is enough for me .....atleast i anint givin CAT no more....

recently finished iCon ....the book is about Steve Jobs who started apple and pixar animation....apparently he was thrown out of apple a a company which he himself started
good read ..
I have heard about The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler.....i will be searching for this ...also does any one know if there are some authors who write futurists books ......related to science and technology...

Also does any one know where I can buy "Direct to Dell" by Micheal Dell in mumbai .....i know Strand book stall but thats too far from new bombay where i stay...

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I own a Pulsar 150 and Royal Enfield ThunderBird.....both are different machines meant for different purposes ...and i love both of them ...
the T BiRD is an awesome awesome an article that yamaha plans to launch R6 by 2009 in india...will have to start saving for that machine.....or get an MBA

dream bike would be a combining two 500 cc bullet engines and making a vtwin out of it that would be awesome......sad to say that my dream bike does not even exist:(

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no way the movie should be banned ...i am thru reading the book 80 % ..have to finish it before 19 its release date....and then watch the first day first show...cos i fear that some political groups might create havoc in mumbai ...then ban the moive after 2 or 3 shows..i have done some research downloaded a couple of documentary on holy grail ....the crusades da vinci etc etc....really looking forward to seeing this mive...

IF these people ban the movie all pagal members should wade a crusade against the censor board hehehe

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hey can i join ???

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yes even i was shocked a year back when i browsed the top ranked univ websites...even INSEAD and MSB are costly...then i tought abt an UK MBA ...but.......I got a negative feedback about UK MBA......I wish i had rich uncle in US

ok pardon my pessimistic view , but just to think ...there are chances that risising Oil prices could bring about a economic slowdown......there are chances of housing bubble bursting...there are chances of financial collapse due to these new financial instruments.......just read the following excerpt from an interview.

But i rightly agree with Arun that having proper skill sets you can jump industries, but you will never be out of the game

"Benavides: The problem of ungovernability in Mexico: Should on July 3rd, should the winner not be Lopez Obrador-and the polls and everyone's saying for the last two years that he's the one on top-is there a possibility of ungovernability? Is there a risk?
LaRouche: Let me be very concrete: This is an international question, not a Mexico question. We're now at the point, we have gotten rid of Alan Greenspan. Alan Greenspan was in charge from 1987 until recently. Alan Greenspan was one of the worst things that ever happened to the United States-and to the world.
You have to realize that money is not worth anything, really. Because, what you have, you don't have deposits, assets in banks: You have financial derivatives. And these financial derivatives are in layers. You saw what happened in Iceland. Iceland is totally bankrupt. New Zealand is bankrupt. Australia is near-bankrupt. They're having a meeting in Australia now, of bankrupt countries: But it's not just them. Every leading bank in the United States is bankrupt. The housing bubble is about to blow-all kinds of things are about to blow.
We can have, in the period of the coming months, April, May, June, these three months, are potentially three months of an incalculable rate of financial collapse internationally.
So, therefore, when you're talking about an election coming up in Mexico, you have to realize that whatever the situation is now, you have to factor in the fact that we're facing a very great danger of an immediate collapse.
Presently, the leading bankers of the world have realized that this is the case. Therefore, they're not going to put any more expansion or any money into the system. They're going to allow the bubbles to collapse. They're going to shut down the carry-trade. Unless they change their mind in the coming months. But, right now, if they continue on the present policy, during the next three months, we're facing a general collapse of the financial system, with horrifying effects on the economies and on the condition of people in national economies.
You have in France, you have 3 million people going on strike; you have strikes in Germany; you have an ungovernable situation in Italy. Poland is breaking down. The Belarus election show you that there's no popularity for this trend over there. Ukraine, they've lost. Netanyahu has lost the election in Israel: You're now in a global political crisis, building up, so that there is no stable condition on which to hold to hold an election. Because, you can proceed like a commanding general in warfare, to have a strategy, which takes all conditions into account, but you can't predict anything. No one can predict, because you have too many people who are now unpredictable in powerful positions."
for a comforting your mind just read the following quotes

An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today. Laurence J. Peter

If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion.
George Bernard Shaw

An economist is a surgeon with an excellent scalpel and a rough-edged lancet, who operates beautifully on the dead and tortures the living.Nicholas Chamfort

To put it in short you cant predict.