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How about the experience candidates placements..why still they havent given any data in website..And Do SMOT have 100% placements

Experienced candidates get good package. This is the trend in all the colleges. U need not worry if u got experience as it'd be an advantage while getting a job.
And abt placement rate, that'll have 2 be answered by the SMOT seniors I guess.
i am planning to join for sep intake ...It would be great help if some one let me know the test pattern
1.. Do the experience people also have GD and PI
I havent been to smot campus..i heard from my friend. and the most important thing i would like to know (if possible from a person studying right now) is what about campus placements for experience candidates.
Since the website havent give the data of experienced people placements, Do they give 100% placements.?

Many thaks to the frieds who reply to me and who help others thro this forum

The test pattern is same as CAT except there's no PS section. So only DI/Logic and English.

I agree. Rohit has dedicated a considerable amount kof his time and efforts for this forum. Kudos to him. Keep it on bro.

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Hello everyone
I'm willing to join SMOT. I want to know more about infrastructure. are all classrooms air-conditioned? How good are the interiors? Are there enough faculty- student interactions? Can somebody pls post the exterior and interior photos of SMOT? THere are no photos regarding this in the website even. I think the presence of photos will attract a larger no of students.
THank U

hey guys ,
do u think it's worth taking admission in amity(mba(G)), as i've been selected for ms ramiah u think we should go for another year and have ashot at cat again

Amity's MBA program is very good. Last yr's avg package was around 3.8, as my frnd told. And Amity has a very high reputation in Delhi.
MS Ramaiah is also a very good choice, though I dunno abt the package.
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THanks a lot Sandeep. Good info to know abt HDFC. Well, what abt ICICI and Axis Bank? Is there any bank which doesn't consider ur prev academic records and ur co applicant's salary?

Hello ma'am
I got selected for the PGDM course. I'll have to pay the fees by 13th. I want to take a full bank loan. Is it possible? Cos I contacted with HDFC Bank, and they said it may not be possible for me to provide the full loan and there's no provision for providing the full loan being tied up with EABS. Can I get a full loan in any way?
How are the placements this year? Has 100% been achieved? Pls specify min, avg and max salary.

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Thank you ma'm
I am interested in following HR sector. But EABS doesn't have HR. However I'm opting for Finance. Are there any electives on HR/OB which I can take along with Finance?

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I doubt banks will very seriously look into your acads.. Proper docs and guarantor is what they are after!!


That's a relief. Thank you very much.

So which banks should I apply to in consideration of my acads?