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To me its showing 'Result not declared yet' from past 25 days... Have they forgotten to update or they dont bother for the waitlisters!!!??

I am selected but havent recieved any email yet. anyone with the same kinda situation??And Mails were supposed to reach by 17th march, as written there.

Puys my LKG and UKG scores are less , some of the IIMs issue calls based on CAT score(which is decided by your sms votes as begged by me in an earlier post) along with academics.

Any suggestions as to how to compensate for those less marks in LKG and UKG....what certifications...what NGOs or extra curriculars should I target at......???

you probably can get some fake reportcards... I can Help you with that.
coz I am going to get a fake CAT RESULT CARD for my Neighbours n specially for Aunts... lol
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Inteha ho gyi..
Intezaar ki...

Day by day,,, I tend to worry more about other options... for CAT dsnt seem like it happened actually...!!

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Shivangi Narayan @Wengi
We all have been mildly aware of the fact that an increasing number of MBA graduates are choosing to work for the non-profit sector, either as entrepreneurs or employees of organizations driven more by the need for socia

I think it is a way to pay back one thing to the society.. what we so called Educated mass calls n asks for -'Change'.I too have my interview for assessment on 20th... Fingers Crossed!!

Pankhuri_saxena Says
hey i know i sound confused... n also that i should have prob thought about this earlier... now that i have an interview in the next 1 week... it seems highly impossible to come up with 'whr i see myself 10 yrs from now' ...its true that id wnt to start up something... but how can some1 come up with a business idea overnight...sry to add to d confusion...

HI Pankhuri,
I think you need not be very specific with what kinda business u gona start with because every second indian wants to do some business on his own,so you have to be specific and if you can a bit think abt that and put that as one of ur goal in long terms. Like I would like to do something in education sector for the underpriviledged or sm1 may like to do smthng in healthcare sector.
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I dont have work-ex certificate, please suggest, will salary slip and offer letter do ??

@ above yes.. Itwill be over in one day as per last year experiences!!

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Amazing thread..
Was searching for some GD PI Threads I left midway..

Darn.. I could read only 8 pages of it... ( that's the obvious reason m gonna falter in VA,,.. yeah, the reading
But must say... amazing idea by abhi... ( u've got the guts to write what u feel ).. n thanks for the compilation of interviews.. late comers lyk me can have a zist of the thread.
And super interview by Pallavi.. [ I mst say get that i'nterview' of u laminated as there are many more fans to come.. hehe.. :)]
and some really nice line by Ms Jhamb.

gr8 going guys.. I dont wish to read that boring GD/PI topics..!!

Cheers to all..

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My score is 98.25
Xth 89%
12th 87%
BE 77%
25 years exp in MNC

Can i apply to SIIB?

first correct ur experience or ur age....!!