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@EnigmaticT : Do you have 5 years of exp ? Appears you are a 2010 pass out. this forum is for PGPM.

@debnath : Dont worry about the sender, it comes from anyone of the adcom team . Anyways you can always call at the listed phone number in the SPJ's site and double confirm :)

Hope you guys know that SP Jain Adcom isn't directly moderating this forum right now, current students are busy with upcoming Intnl. Immersion and ongoing placement. So you mayn't receive a response for your queries !

@[556332:spaceaura1] : Hi, Even though I am (and was) also an applicant like you (in my chase for MBA), I can say this for sure that if you have a great GMAT score, your Btech score will be overlooked. Also you have not got the call yet, that doesn't mean that you still cant get it.

PGPM Adcom is flexible and they call based on many factors ( applicant pool for the year, how many spot offer admits accepted the offer, extraordinary achievements of the candidate etc). Also, SP has multiple waiting lists every year.

If I was in your position, I would have written GMAT first and then applied as the first glance at profile sheet matters to the Adcom.
Dont worry about BTech percentage - one exam's score doesn't stop you from achieving what you want and I can say that because I too was told the same and it didn't stop me.
So now, write the GMAT as best as you can, then update your score calling the Adcom (they will do that), and then request them to re evaluate your profile sheet.

All the best :)

@[531648:gpatel] : Hi , having a look at your profile makes me feel that your are a good suit for IIMA, B and C for their Ex programs ( I am considering the 1 yr courses only in India ) . I would also say that you are best suited for IIMA as their curriculum and structure is little different from other two. (I am sure you have done your research too)

Again this is my opinion based on what you wrote about your exp, on the selection side: of course it depends on many many factors.
I personally think on the same line on what you said about "global economy and the cost vs. return". Also, ( if ) you can land yourself in IIMA, your career would be at par with any fellow Ivyan.
But if I was in your shoes, I would try no where other than the 8 ivy's to do justice to your background, past and future scopes. (People with Much Lesser credible exp. get selected there).

Either ways, All the best for whatever you choose to do :)

Hello All,

Have created a FB group for the people who have received Admission Offers and confirmed their admission - url:

This group will later act as the official group for PGPM - 9th Batch.
Those who have filled in the 'Admission Offer Received/Accepted' section in the Google Doc present in this thread, kindly join.


I have a few queries for the current students/adcom:

1. Is the PGPEX more suitable for people who have experience more than 7/8 years (who are already in General/Program/Product Management roles etc.), even though I see that 33% of current batch consists of students coming from 5- 7 years bracket?

2. I have close to 6 years of exp in IT Services and Product Development companies. And as bad as it sounds, in Product Dev companies, people do stay as Analyst/Sr. Analyst with this exp. range. So I am little skeptical about applying to IIMC (may be I am assuming all the prospective students come from a managerial background)? I mean, 'Do I fit' or 'stand a chance' ?

3. And in case I get selected, am I at a sticky position during Placement as the companies who come may have roles chosen for people with higher exp. range?

4. This is not directly related to PGPEX, but cant stop myself asking : I was reading a few PG threads on 1 year Mgmt programs in India and got the impression that SPjain's PGPM and XLRI's GMP cater better to people who are coming from 5-7 years exp.(who are more at into TL/PM role etc.) and IIMC's PGPEX suits people with substantial managerial exp.?

Thanks a lot for taking your time out in reading and answering my questions (some sounded lame even when I was writing them ).

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Manoj Rana on graduation day_ Uttar Pradesh born Manoj Rana is not the predictable computer engineer who ended up doing an MBA. His reasons were slightly different. A dreadful fire in 2005 had rendered both of Mano
Sumanta Chatterjee @silluminatus

I am moved by your tale of courage, perseverance and determination, just dont have any word to say , literally ....Our daily cribbing and dissatisfactions seem so belittled in front of your life... i pray to God that you achieve what ever you dream in your life. And thanks to PG for bringing up such stories, way beyond regular MBA stuff..

Hi PGPM Adocm,

Kindly share some details on how current batch's students secured a loan with SBI. I just got to know from SBI Andheri branch that they have problem with disbursing the loan unless the student (applicant) has been officially released from his/her company. So the loan may be sanctioned but not disbursed.

As course will start in Jan and two of the fees pay dates will fall in October and November, its difficult to get the release letter before October (as most of the candidates' release dates will fall in December, assuming the person will keep working till then).

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Adcom,

I have quite a few questions, please bear with me:
In the Profile Sheet that we are supposed to fill and send back to you:

1) Where can I find my Application Number? Registration Details (that we received as a mail to our mail ids) don't contain an App. Number.

1) For point 1 and 4, is someone supposed to put a Tick mark for those options that are applicable to him/her and put a Cross mark for those options that are not applicable?
Or only putting a tick mark for the relevant options and leaving others blank will suffice?
E.g.: 1. Post PGPM, what will be your career plan - -> if this is a No for me, I can just keep this as Blank?

2) What is the Word Limit for this essay "How have your professional experience shaped your current competencies? (please feel free to elaborate )" ?

3) In the Academic Performance section: for H.S.C and S.S.C, can I keep the University and College name as blank, as I can only specify my Board Name and don't have a University and College name per se.
E.g.: State Board

4) For these 3 essays , do we have word limit of 50 words for each one?

I am sure that some of my questions may sound lame and apologies beforehand for that.
Many Thanks in Advance...

Hi Adcom,

You probably missed this, kindly respond.