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hell yes.
I prefer going to URDU hall but as the registration is over there, I suggest we go to St. Mary's and lets all meet there.
Also, decide on a way to identify each other.
As Mr. Smarty_brains pointed out, all of us may not have green pants or yellow shirts.
Why dont get to a common place near the test center and meet for a lunch or a few drinks?
What say guys? this way, I am sure there wont be much confusion.
Bouquets and Brickbats welcome.

not to be rude
but is piracy supported on this forum ??

PG bhai just wanted to asked this

I guess if pirates are supported...even piracy must be.
Afterall you and me are here....aren't we?
hey trinity

if we use "that" it means that hes the only one.Where as there are others too......SO it should be ' who' instead of 'that'

I still say it should be study instead of studies.
coz..he is just one of many who study.

My answers to 1,5,7...where I dont agree with anil
1) 10
5) 13.2
7) 96.
I agree with anil on the rest.
Corrections are of course welcome.
Yours truly.

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Oh, of course m8. Its a direct rip off of 2ab/a+b formula. Just failed to look at it in that light.
It helps man.
Thx again.

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hey anil, Thx mate for this lovely post.
I personally learned a lot (academically) from this post.
just a small doubt though....could you elaborate your seventh point, where you have calculated average speed?
Yours truly.

smart_brain Says
i too will be taking it up at urdu hall :)

Hey d00d, You said, We (you and me) are taking the test at the St. Mary's center. Righto?
Anyways, Since we (the pg'ites) are all taking the test...why dont we meet at the center...and have some way of identifying each other?
I recommend that we all wear fluoroscent green pants and Bright yellow trousars, red socks and grey shoes. If possible, also wear a toupee.
I dont think anyone else would be wearing such a combo makng us uniquely identifiable.
Other suggestions are of course welcome.

I agree with class_Apart on most of the answers except the 3rd.
he is just one of the peepz who study in the instead of studies, we should have "study".
The rest of the sentence remains the same ie. he is one of the best, who study in the class.