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Thanks for the post.

Thought I ll share my interview experience here as well (atleast the parts that I still remember)

Panel consisted of i alum and one adcom member. First that they asked me was how my profile changes since the last time i applied (am a reapplicant). 5 mins on my answer to this question. Then a question on how different i perceive my current company to my previous company. Then was asked to do a SWOT analysis on them both. Few drills on that (basically why I considered them the strengths and weaknesses). Asked about the difference b/w leaders, managers and executives. Also, asked to identify who playes the above roles in a cricket team. I also remember a couple of questions being asked about my work and how I displayed a few qualities that I had written about in my essays. And my interview was winded off with my question to the panel.

Duration: 20-25 mins.

Hope this helps. ATB to pple selected for interviews.


This is Sumit working for Accenture, aiming for CAT2007.

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